10 Crafts to Celebrate the Return of 'Downton Abbey'

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014

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Has the return of the popular British TV show "Downton Abbey" gotten you in a dither? Celebrate your love for all things Downton with these choice crafts.

Downton Lego

The sign of a true fanatic (or unrepentant romantic), this Lego replica of Highclere Castle was constructed by a Downton fan for his girlfriend.

downton abbey viewing party recipes
Downton Viewing Party

A "Downton Abbey" viewing party wouldn't be complete without baked goods. Channel your inner Mrs. Patmore and whip up these sweet treats.

downton abbey silhouettes
Downton Silhouettes

For those of you still in denial about Cousin Matthew's demise, may we suggest making a silhouette of him for your wall?
downton abbey bingo
Downton Bingo

The beginning of a season means a whole new set of bingo cards. How about one with the words "poor orphan," "Germany," and "King Canute"?
downton abbey door hanger
Downton Door Hanger

People in "Downton Abbey" are always hanging around outside doors and eavesdropping. Make sure no one disturbs you with this door hanger.
downton abbey quote printables
Downton Quotes

Wish you had the Dowager Countess's quips right at hand? These quote printables will make sure you have a zinger for every occasion.
downton abbey pillowcases
Downton Pillowcases

Even if Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary can never be together again, you can commemorate their love with these romantic pillowcases
Haley Pierson-Cox
Downton Badge

To show you're on Team Violet (who else's team would you be on, Team Shirley MacLaine?), wear this badge with pride.
downton abbey clue
Downton Clue

The halls of Downton Abbey are no stranger to intrigue. Rustle up some ingenious combinations (like Mr. Carson in the Dining Room with the Soup Tureen) with this version of Clue.
downton abbey valentine
Downton Valentine's Day Cards

What better way to show your love —or love of scheming, in Thomas's case — than with one of these Valentine's Day cards?

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