10 Free Crochet Sweater Patterns

Posted by on Sep 02, 2013

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In the transition between summer and fall it's hard to know if it's going to be freezing, cool or warm, and the solution to this predicament is to layer and layer. These ten free crochet sweater patterns can help you fill your closet with handmade gorgeous layering options in the months to come. Because who doesn't love a cozy and stylish sweater when it's cold outside? Or, if you don't crochet, check out our favorite free sweater knitting patterns.

Forget-me-not crochet sweater pattern
Forget-Me-Not Sweater
Every closet needs a quality cardigan — or maybe seven of them, one for every day of the week in the fall. This gorgeous free crochet sweater pattern could be the centerpiece to any cardigan collection. Pictured is a dusty blue cardigan made from baby alpaca silk, which I take to mean that this sweater hugs its wearer like a baby alpaca. 
Garn Studio has the crochet sweater pattern.
attleboro sweater pattern
Attleboro Sweater
Sweaters can get boring pretty quick if there's nothing special about them. This sweater pattern is the opposite of boring. The neckline is amazing and looks complex, but it's really not. This pattern is for beginner crocheters. So why not give it a try — it's free, after all!
Get this free pattern over at Craftsy
Blushing Rose Pullover Free Crochet Sweater Pattern
Blushing Rose Pullover
This cozy free crochet pattern is a tunic-style pullover that features a stunning lacy top that winds down the three-quarter sleeves, with deep-ribbed cuffs to finish the look. For "intermediate" crochet enthusiasts, this sweater makes a lovely project. 
Get the free crochet sweater pattern from Free-Crochet.
Coastal Breeze Crochet Top Free Pattern
Coastal Breeze Crochet Top 
The first thing to notice when you see the sweater resulting from this free sweater pattern is the striking colors inspired by Bougainvillea flowers on a tropical beach. Beyond the brilliant colors is an airy design that would be perfect for the in-between weather that fall can bring. It also has a comfortable fit perfect for lounging while enjoying the falling cascade of leaves and spiced apple cider. 
This free crochet pattern can be found at Yuli Handmade.
Dolman Sleeve Crochet Sweater free pattern
Dolman Sleeve Crochet Sweater
This sweater is perhaps the simplest of this collection, by design. The two sides are bound together at the end resulting in a very modern and comfortable fit. It can be worn with a tank top in warmer weather and a long sleeve shirt when it's a bit colder: another perfect fit when it comes to layering. 
A Crafty House has the free crochet sweater pattern.
Amsterdam Coat Free Crochet Sweater Pattern
Amsterdam Coat 
For those experienced in the art of crochet, there is this lovely draping free sweater crochet pattern to flex the crochet muscles. With flared sleeves and a lacy pattern that extends almost to the wearer's knees, this sweater makes a lengthy fashionable statement. 
This free crochet pattern comes from Naturally Caron.
Floral Lace Top Free Crochet Sweater Pattern
Floral Lace Top
Looking for something retro but modern? This free crochet sweater pattern features batwing sleeves and square motifs as a nod to decades past, but combined with its cabled patterns and lacy crochet it turns into a look that is comfortable in the present.  
Find this crochet sweater pattern on Love of Knitting.
Fall Striped Sweater free crochet pattern
Fall Striped Sweater
Classic design meets crisp tailoring in this free crochet sweater pattern. I cannot imagine a more timeless look, particularly when it's paired with leather gloves, matching purse and a tasteful scarf. The time it takes to make this classy sweater will be well spent because this look will be in style for years to come. 
Inspiration Realisation has the crochet sweater pattern.
Free Crochet Sweater Pattern called Menorca from Knit Rowan
Lace-Detail Sweater
A boat-necked sweater with a lacy design, this free crochet sweater pattern is another classic. The horizontal ribbing ties the whole piece together and really makes the sweater a must-have for the fall or winter. 
Knit Rowan has this free sweater pattern.
Tunisian Rib Stitch Front Zip Cardigan Free Sweater Pattern
Tunisian Rib Stitch Front Zip Cardigan
Don't forget the rest of the family when planning wardrobes for the winter months! This very polished-looking men's cardigan can dress up jeans or warm up a polo. It goes with almost anything, and it is nice and warm. 
This crochet sweater how-to can be found on Free Patterns.
Baby Hexagon Free Crochet Sweater Pattern
Bonus: Baby Hexagon Sweater
This free crochet sweater pattern results in a beautiful and interesting end product. The collar is a nice finishing touch, and the edging is so well done. It's especially important to keep young infants warm, and this sweater will certainly help with that. 
Cozy's Corner has instructions for this crochet sweater pattern.

Photo Credits (from top): Garn Studio, Craftsy, Free-Crochet, Yuli Handmade, A Crafty House, Naturally Caron, Love of Knitting, Inspiration Realisation, Knit Rowan, Free Patterns, Cozy's Corner

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