10 Great Craft-Inspired Online Video Games

Posted by on Feb 14, 2012

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Online games inspired by our favorite crafts are more than just procrastination distractions; they offer a welcome zone-out for exhausted creative muscles, and who's more creatively exhausted than a crafter? Whether battling the clock (and bank statement) by baking cakes or hunting for lost wedding paraphernalia before the Big Day, we've gathered just a few of our favorite puzzle and time-management games for you to play on your next (and well-deserved) craft break.

cake mania is an online craft game
Cake Mania

This popular racing game asks players to correctly fill customer's cake orders. The faster and more accurate the response, the sooner baker Jill Evans can buy back her grandparents' foreclosed bakery. Further proof that "Let them eat cake!" isn't such a bad economic strategy after all.
For a free demo version of Cake Mania, head to Shockwave!
candle craft is an online game
Candle Craft

Lilly needs help running her new candle store (presumably because Lilly spends all of her time walking around as you do all the work). Like Cake Mania, players must correctly and quickly complete customer orders while still turning a profit.
To play this free online craft game, head to Fuba!
craft-inspired online game, cooking academy
Cooking Academy

A time-management game, Cooking Academy offers players a chance to head off to chef school without all the accidental burns and massive amounts of student debt. 
Head to Shockwave to play a free demo version of this craft-inspired online game!
cross-stitch inspired online game
Sewing for Valentine's Day

This tween-inspired cross-stitch game works more on a crafter's mouse-to-eye coordination than speed ... or skill ... or attention span. But for those looking for a low-stress de-stresser, this easy paint-by-numbers game could be just what they're looking for.
For this cross-stitch game, head to Girl Games 4U!
home decor online craft game
Open House

Love arranging furniture but hate the heavy lifting? This strategy game from Lifetime pits players against the clock to make as many completed couches as possible. You'll be surprised at how even more annoying mismatched home decor can be!
To play this free online craft game, go to LifetimeTV!
jewelry-inspired online craft game

As a strategy-based online game, think of Bejeweled as a luxe version of tic-tac-toe. Players must create matching chains of at least 3-deep jewels. With over 750 million copies sold and over 500 million downloaded, this jewelry-inspired challenge is one of the web's most popular games.
Head to Shockwave to download a free trial version of Bejeweled! 
Foxy Bingo

While this isn't exactly a craft-inspired online game, us in the CraftFoxes den couldn't help but get a chuckle at the FoxyBingo site, where you can play bingo, slots and other games of chance for money. Their fox seems to be a bit more of a player than ours. He sports open collars and has a soft spot for "gingers."
Scamper on over to Foxy Bingo to see what that English fox is up to.
knitting-inspired online craft game
Sue Knitting

Know Korean and love to knit? Then is this the online craft game for you! Players must correctly knit the pattern in less than 2 minutes to win. All of the crafting and none of the bursitis!
Head to OY1Games to play this knitting-inspired online game! For detailed instructions (in English), check out Otter Wise!
scrapbook-inspired craft game
Scrapbook Paige

We give kudos to this hidden object game just for the punny name alone. Crafters must give Paige a bit of scrapbook support by finding every item on her list. Anybody else think Paige looks more freaked out than just frazzled?
To play a free demo version of Scrapbook Paige, skip on over to Shockwave!
quilt-inspired online craft game

Like puzzles but hate the clean-up? This quilt-inspired craft game needs your clever mind to correctly fit all the mismatched fabric pieces in some semblance of order. 
To play Patchworkz!for free, go to Shockwave!
wedding-inspired online craft game
Dream Day Wedding

Another lost-and-found game, this wedding-inspired online adventure allows players to help out an overworked wedding planner search for all the missing items on her itinerary. But, sadly, don't expect a cut of her commission.
Play a free demo version of this wedding-inspired online craft game at Shockwave!

Image credits (from top): Sandlot Games, Sandlot Games,  Noobcake Games, Fugazo, Wambie, Lifetime, PopCap Games, iBravo, Aisle 5 Games Inc.Wellgames and Oberon

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