10 Vintage Decorations on a Budget

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012

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Capture the vintage home look with bright colors & crafty decorations



Vintage home decorations with bright colors, rustic accents and retro patterns will liven up your home. Check out these DIY vintage looks to transform your home into a cozy and charming vintage abode.

Vintage plate with baby silhouette
Vintage Plate

Upcycle a vintage plate into home decor. This crafter used a baby's silhouette to add classic style to an antique plate. Another option would be simply hanging an array of colorful vintage plates to add color and focus to a wall. Thrift stores often have a section of old dishware that can be quite inspiring, and at a low cost!  
Learn how to craft your own at Prudent Baby.
Lampshade made from lace
Vintage Lampshade

Make a DIY vintage lace lampshade using a frame from an old lampshade. Add lace of different patterns to make an entirely new old-fashioned home decoration. Bonus: The light will make romantic patterns across your walls! 
Emily from nest. nesting. nested. shows us how she made this. 
wicker table with pictures of rose under glass
Vintage Table

Using pages from an old book, this crafter converted pre-loved furniture into a stunning home decoration. A new coat of paint, an aged novel and a wicker table are all you'll need to recreate this colorful, antique table. Spice it up: Choose a bright coral or seafoam green to capture a retro look! 
See this project and more like it at The Decorating Diaries. 
jars with labels describe q-tips, samples
Vintage Containers

How about some glamorous vintage labels to add some pizazz to those plain containers in your home? These could be used for everything from Q-tips and cotton swabs in your bathroom, to a candy dish on your counter. Use old Mason jars to add even more color to your (now organized) home. 
Get the free printables from thrifty and chic
dresser knob that turned green
Vintage Knobs

A dresser knob turned green could be a mistake that turns out wonderfully vintage. It's like time travel for hardware that goes from new to rustic home decoration! Get some green paint for old knobs, silverware or anything metal that has texture to antiquate it right before your eyes.
Faux oxidation by between blue and yellow.
floral sheets stretched into circles and hung on wall
Vintage Sheets

Use thrift-store vintage sheets to create unique home decorations to brighten up a room. This crafter stretched old family sheets on hoops, but you could also use patterned sheets in picture frames, over bulletin boards or on shelves. Floral, retro or patterned sheets can liven up many parts of a room if you are willing to put a little work into upcycling them! 
Check out this wall decor idea and other projects using vintage sheets from Diary of a Quilter.
vintage chair with blue upholstery
Vintage Chair

Take a "blah" chair and make it into an "aha!" home decoration by painting the fabric. Look for a plush seat with fun angles, and repaint the fabric and/or the trim to brighten it up. This could also work on stools, end tables or even pillows that need a makeover! 
Debbie from The Bungalow Blog shows how to make a vintage turquoise chair. 
headboard with fabric and tufts
Vintage Headboard

Who doesn't want to sink into this DIY tufted home decoration headboard? With a nod to "Mad Men," this upholstered piece takes the room back a few decades in a delightful way. This tutorial calls for a pegboard, upholstery foam, buttons and fabric, but try out your own design with materials you have left over or find at a thrift store. 
See the tutorial from Jenny at the Jenny Komenda Interiors.
chair with pillows that look like handkerchiefs
Vintage Pillows

Do you have any vintage handkerchiefs laying around? Sew them into quick and easy pillow covers to add liveliness to your sofa or bed. 
Get the sewing instructions from Anna at noodle-head
floral wallpaper with iron gate hanging
Vintage Gates

Use old, iron garden gates for unique home decoration. You can hang them upside down over a window, which was what this crafter did, or simply hang it up on your wall for a vintage look. Some garden gates might also make exceptional coat hangers or jewelry racks!
Heat the crafter's story and see the tutorial at Vintage Resurrections.

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