4 DIY Ways to Hide and Beautify Your Air Conditioner

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016

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Americans have more air conditioning units than dish washers, garages or even dining rooms. Approximately 86 percent of apartments or homes have air conditioning serviceaccording to HUD. Air conditioning offers a number of advantages: Its filters help purify the air and may protect the person using it from heatstroke when temperatures soar. However, those ugly boxes half hanging out of a window or sitting in the back don’t exactly make a home or yard more quaint. Here are four crafty ways to make your air conditioner an organic part of your home’s décor, concealing the unit in a way that’s both safe and attractive.

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decorative slat fencing to hide or AC unit
1. Use Decorative Slat Fencing 
The fencing used to conceal your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to be boring or sterile. Consider fencing types that will make the unit less noticeable or draw the eye in a positive way, such as decorative slat fencing or even a vertical garden. This type of fencing comes in a variety of styles and materials, and you can paint or stain wooden fencing to match your home or your backyard’s décor. It can also protect the unit from weather damage and keeps wild and domestic animals away.
See more about this clever vertical garden with slat fencing by Arista.

latticework housing for air conditioning
2. Latticework Housing
Latticework housing is a lightweight and portable solution for smaller air conditioning units that can be bought or made. The latticework is typically made from wood or flexible plastic and can be painted almost any color. If you want to customize your latticework AC unit housing, create your own from scratch from lattice, wood, and wood cutouts usually available at hobby or home improvement stores. One great advantage to this type of air conditioner cover is that it can be easily removed if you need air conditioning service and does not require any hardware to remove or replace it.
See this latticework DIY at Bellyfull.
door unit to hide air conditioning
3. Swinging Doors
If you love home décor with a western flair, you’ll appreciate this unique way to hide your external air conditioning unit. The doors allow quick access to your unit and you can add a secure latch to keep them from getting damaged during high winds. If you decide to build your own swinging doors, allow them enough room to swing forward so they do not bang against the air conditioning unit. This might cause damage to the coils or cause a freon leak, which can waste the valuable refrigerant and be costly to repair.
See more about this swinging door unit on Pinterest.
concrete housing for air conditioning unit
4. Decorative Concrete Walls 
If you have a large external AC unit that cannot be hidden by doors or fences, then you may want to consider building a decorative concrete wall around it that includes a service door. A wall like this can both conceal and protect your unit, and you can choose from a variety of styles and textures. Before you begin building, be sure to check local construction codes so you build within the area’s rules and regulations when it comes to your wall’s height and width. With so many different ways to conceal your air conditioner, you are sure to find one that suits both your own personal tastes and your home’s décor. Keep in mind that any method you choose should be built with safety foremost in mind to keep your home and family safe.
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