5 Alternative Ways You Can Use Your Tool Shed

Posted by on Sep 07, 2018

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What if you have the lawn space for a tool shed or garden shack and think a little house would look cute in your backyard, but you don't garden that much or even need a place for your rake and mower? No worries, those metal or wood buildings are extremely versatile and can be used as a children’s playhouse, plant greenhouse or just a good old mancave. Here are a handful of suggestions for alternative uses for your shack.

Plant Storage or Greenhouse
Ambitious gardeners may want to grow plants that just can’t survive year-round in their climates. Those super-botanists will likely need a greenhouse or storage space for the cold weather months. Many plants can grow and thrive in a garden shed or metal building, particularly ones that like the shade. You can give them the needed TLC over the winter months. You'll probably want to add in some heating and lights, too.

A Children’s Playhouse
More than just the adults that can make good use out of a tool shed or metal building. These spaces can be transformed into fun playhouses for children. With a coat of colorful paint, a garden shack can provide your kids with a bright and safe place to place that they can enjoy all year round! Watch the above video for makeover ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

Pet Paradise
You’re not the only who thinks of your pet as a family member. Refashion a tool shed into pet paradise! You can convert one of these metal buildings into a fun place for them to play or sleep by filling it with comfy blankets and plenty of toys. Your dog or cat may not even want to come back inside your house after experiencing the new getaway. Chicken Coop Not everyone loves the idea of raising chickens, but for those who do, a tool shed can be an excellent space to use as a coop. A metal building can provide the animals with warm and safe place. Not having to build your own chicken coop is one less worry to have for your new feathery family members.

Home Office, Mancave or Guest Room
If you're able to work from home, then why not make your home office a home away from home? A small metal tool shed can be transformed into a peaceful office, out of the path of the kids and dog, but still within shouting distance. Add your own desk, chair and laptop, organize your Wi-Fi and then all you have to is bring focus and big ideas.

For those who don’t have the basement or attic space to devote to all things dudely, a metal building can be a great option. No need for a stuffy desk. You can fill it with a big flatscreen TV, overstuffed sofa, beer fridge, pinball machine and anything else that will make it a hunk-tastic haven.

The above video from Simplicity in the South even demonstrates how one of these buildings can be rethought as a mini guest house.  Beautiful interior decor makes all the difference.

Thank you to Armstrong Steel for helping to support this article.

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