5 Easy and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Walls (VIDEO)

Posted by on Jun 14, 2018

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Are you working on your interior decor and a have large, blank wall space to fill? With a little painting, or even some old hats, you can make a bold accent wall. Here, are five techniques (and accompanying videos) that show how you can decorate your wall space.

Hang Up Colorful Baskets

Hanging up colorful baskets makes a memorable boho chic wall design. Don’t just hang up one or two, hang up a whole bunch, tying them together to create a constellation. No need to buy upscale handmade baskets, either. You can collect woven pieces from tag sales or go on a shopping spree at a dollar store. Combining baskets of varying colors and sizes creates a distinctive visual texture. 

Play around with various arrangements before you hang the baskets up. If you can’t find colors to suit your style, customize baskets by painting or staining them. In the following video, Avanti Morocha demonstrates how to stain and tie together baskets with metal thread. (The video is in Spanish with English subtitles.)

Curtains or Tapestry

It’s easy to forget that hanging up a curtain or tapestry can make a room feel less bare and add color and texture to a room. Fabric can transform a bare surface into a gorgeous accent wall, which is much easier than painting or wallpapering the entire thing. Amanda Love Santos demonstrates how to hang up fabric with a push pins, Velcro strips, or plastic hooks with sticky backing.

Lovely, Low-Cost Artwork

Artwork is the classic way to add color into your home and you can find some amazing bright and patterned pieces now online for a fraction of what they used to cost in stores. Fine Art America, for example, offers millions of unique prints by artists from around the world at a wide range of price points. For those who want to make an impressive display of several prints or pieces, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault explains that you can use several tools to help balance out the display and also ensure everything is correctly aligned.

Hang Up Your Hat or Shoes

Do you have a lovely collection of hats in your wardrobe? Instead of keeping them hidden behind a closet door, show them off to the world and feature them on your wall. This approach spruces up your wall space and gives you extra storage. If you don’t have hats, you can also do a similar display with shoes or jewelry. Leaf explains how you can get a streamlined, stylish look with large pushpins, a handful of hats and well-placed coffee table books.

Tape Off Walls

If you have a large piece of wall space, you can use tape and paint a variety of colors to create a fantastic statement wall. Opt for simple and use one piece of tape and two contrasting colors or follow OddHogg’s demonstration and create a multicolored geometric design. Try to sketch out the end result before you start and you'll probably get a lot closer to your vision on the first attempt.

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