5 Unique, Fun and Easy Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted by on Feb 16, 2012

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Your wedding is all about you — the dream dress, your favorite garage band and the favors that everyone will be talking about for months. So why settle for a stick-figure bride and groom atop your wedding cake? Just about anything that represents you can be placed on top of your dream cake — edible or not. 

Love frogs? Look for some small figurines. A vegetable fiend? Create a bouquet of carrots and celery. Obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Action figures from the show can top your dessert. Steal our memorable ideas for creating your own wedding cake topper, which will leave every guest knowing exactly whose wedding they’re attending.

bride and groom cupcake wedding cake toppers
Difficulty Level: Easy 

You know what I like best on top of cake? More cake. And that is why mini cupcakes are a perfect topper for the wedding cake of my (and possibly your) dreams. You can bake these up yourself or buy them, and decorate them to your heart’s content. You can use colors from the bridal party, decorate them to look like a tux and wedding dress, or use them as a canvas for inside jokes, favorite sports teams or TV characters. 
Check out the mini bride and groom cupcakes from Saucy Sprinkles!
flowers in vase wedding cake topper
Flowers in Vases 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Flowers are a popular decoration for any cake, especially wedding cakes. Take it to the next level by topping your cake with a small vase, or two little bud vases, and some fresh flowers. Let them match the bouquet or color scheme, or simply be your favorite variety, or one that holds special meaning for you and your groom. Use silk flowers for an added convenience — you can arrange it in advance and forget about it.
lego wedding cake topper
Lego (and Other Toys) 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

Somewhere in my parents’ basement is a huge plastic crate filled with the toys of my childhood. And I was very much a Lego girl. Go digging around your own basement to come up with the perfect toys to top your wedding cake. Depending on the size and scale of your cake, you can use the figures as they are, or build your own out of bricks. If you become hopelessly enthralled in your old childhood pastime, you can even build a whole scene for your wedding cake topper. Similar toys like Playmobil and other action figures can also be fun and charming toppers. If your parents have broken your heart and thrown (or given) away your old playmates, take a trip to the local toy store.
clay monkey wedding cake topper
Clay Figurines 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

If you have more artistic talent than me (which I hope you do), you can buy some clay from the local craft store and set to molding your own cake topper. These cute figurines look relatively simple, and you can even try your hand at human figures around a wire base, create your initials or interlocking hearts. Make sure you purchase clay that doesn’t require the high heat of a kiln and can be baked in your oven instead.
shot glass wedding cake toppers
Shot Glasses 
Difficulty Level: Easy 

If there’s one thing you’re likely to have lying around your house, it’s shot glasses. These perfectly-sized accessories can be an easy and memorable wedding cake topper. Whether you choose bride and groom themed glasses, pick ones with your favorite sports teams or hometowns, or a souvenir from your last vacation, shot glasses can say a lot. You can fill them with candy or toys, or even start a new bridal tradition by filling each with your favorite shot and downing them before cutting the cake. Just be careful with that big knife! 
Buy the wedding character shot glasses from Oriental Trading

Photo credits, from top: Annieannie / Dreamstime.com, saucysprinkles.com, Comstock Images, flickr.com/cupcakepassion, flickr.com/spiritmama and oriental trading.com

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