5 Wedding Flower Photos — Bouquets to Inspire

Posted by on Jan 08, 2013

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Gema Blanton / Gema's Photography


Wedding flower photos offer brides a tantalizing taste of wedding perfection. When blooms blush with delicate hues and graceful arrangements, they inspire our prenuptial plans. But be warned, we offer these highly-styled wedding flower pictures with a bit of a caveat — use them as inspiration rather than a standard. Perfection does not a wedding make.

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Wild Child

Wildflowers make for sweetly unsophisticated wedding decor. Use natural materials to bind the bouquet such as twine or raw silk, and remember that field varieties often lack the fortitude to withstand the waterless state needed for the long hours of a wedding. If sourcing your own wildflowers, grow a variety known for being good cut flowers.
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Bouquet Play

Yolk-bright flowers contrast with succulents in this unique boutonniere display. Succulents, a variety of low-water plants often found in desserts, are a popular trend in casual weddings, like this bohemian-styled ceremony. We love the cactus-like plant matched with flower silhouettes that are delicate and traditional, though the flowers themselves are in bright, unexpected colors.
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Lush cabbage roses join black-eyed Susan-like flowers and succulents for a unique blend of traditional, playful and mismatched. Get inspired by this flower picture to combine all your favorite flowers and keep them linked via similar tones and shades.
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Dark Horse

Breaking away from more feminine colors, this sumptuous arrangement uses ruby reds and feathers for a Red Riding Hood-inspired wedding photo shoot. Ideal for the more sophisticated bride, maybe one embarking on a second marriage, this arrangement offers a mature and sensual take on traditional wedding flowers.
flower picture
Coming Up Roses

These pink roses, a traditional wedding flower, are paired with apple green sprays for a fresh, spring-inspired wedding bouquet, cutting the traditional flower’s sometimes clichéd aura. 

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    These wedding flower photos are truly beautiful and offer great ideas for bouquet designs. Each bouquet exudes elegance and charm, perfect for any bride-to-be seeking inspiration. If you need to create a stunning floral arrangement for your special day, consider reaching out to lively root customer service for assistance in picking the perfect blooms.