6 Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Home

Posted by on Jun 06, 2013

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One of the most fun things to play around with during the summer is sidewalk chalk. But sometimes it can be a bit too hot to venture outside. When that happens, why not try out chalkboard paint? Chalkboard paint has recently become an interesting new crafting technique and its uses are virtually endless. You can use chalkboard paint to create a home office in a whole new way, or you can decorate smaller items for party favors. As you’ll see in this post, there are many creative projects involving chalkboard paint. We have six ideas here for you to check out — have fun!

A wooden panel painted with chalkboard paint with an "A+" written on it
Chalkboard Paint

To do any of the following projects, of course you’ll first need some chalkboard paint! There are options out there for you to purchase, but you can easily make your own, as this tutorial states. For a small batch of the paint, you’ll need one cup of latex or acrylic paint, and one tablespoon of non-sanded tile grout. And that’s it! Simply combine these two substances and you have your chalkboard paint. Choose whichever color of paint you’d like to use and adjust the measurements to create larger batches of paint.
For the complete directions to create this chalkboard paint, visit SaltTree.
Wine glasses with their bases coated in chalkboard paint
Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Here is a chalkboard paint craft that would work great for wedding showers or any other kind of fun occasion. All you’ll need for this craft is some wine glasses and some chalkboard paint. If you really want it to look like a chalkboard finish, you can use black paint. But any color would work just fine. Simply dip the base of your wine glass in the chalkboard paint, and then carefully let them dry. Once your guests arrive, break out the chalk and personalize each glass!
You can find complete instructions for this chalkboard paint craft, visit Just Short of Crazy.
A frame whose inner rectangle is painted with chalkboard paint and has the word "home" written on it
Refurbished Frame

Maybe you have some frames lying around that aren’t that nice to look at. Or maybe the local craft store is having a sale on some old frames that could use a bit of sprucing up. Why not try some chalkboard paint on those frames? Simply choose your frame and then get to work with your chalkboard paint! If you’d like to save the clear inner panel for later on, just paint the wooden panel behind that. This tutorial suggests sanding down the panel first, then adding a coat of primer before adding the chalkboard paint. Then you’re free to break out the chalk and write anything you’d like on your new decorative piece. 
For complete instructions, visit Today’s Fabulous Finds.
A filing cabinet painted in black chalkboard paint with words like "fabric" and "music" written on it
Chalkboard Filing Cabinet

This chalkboard paint craft is a really great idea and it’s certainly a unique way to decorate any home office. First you’ll need to find a filing cabinet, of course. But that can be a pretty simple thing to do if you have a thrift store nearby. Once you’ve found your cabinet, sand it down and wipe it clean. Then paint the cabinet in 3 to 4 coats of chalkboard paint. Once it’s all dried, the rest of the decorating is up to you! You can write messages to your family members, draw fun patterns, or describe what your cabinet contains. 
You can find full directions for this chalkboard paint craft at Mox and Fodder.
A dresser whose drawers are painted with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard Dresser

This chalkboard paint craft project is a great decorating idea for a kid’s room. All you’ll need is a dresser and some chalkboard paint. As with the filing cabinet project, you’ll want to sand down the dresser beforehand. Sand the dresser and then make sure the dust has settled and is cleaned off the dresser. Then you’re ready to paint! You can coat the entire dresser in chalkboard paint, or keep the chalkboard surface to just the drawers. Either way, any kid would have a fun time with this dresser in their room. You can write practice times on here, draw fun patterns, or do just about anything!
For full instructions on the chalkboard paint dresser, visit Sew Woodsy.
Mason jars with lids that are painted with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard Jar Lids

The final chalkboard paint craft is a fun storage idea in your kitchen, home office or crafting room. You’ll need some Mason jars, which can be found cheaply at a craft store or thrift store. This tutorial mentions using spray chalkboard paint, but simply painting them by hand would work just fine. You’ll want to paint the inner circle of the Mason jar lid, not the entire lid. When the paint is dry, simply label each jar with your chalk. If the jar’s contents change, simply wash away the chalk and rewrite your label!
For complete directions to make this chalkboard paint craft, visit momtastic.

Credits: SaltTree, Just Short of Crazy, Today's Fabulous Finds, Mox and Fodder, Sew Woodsy, momtastic.

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