6 Quick Father's Day Crafts He'll Love

Posted by on May 16, 2013

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It may seem like a long way off, but Father’s Day is only in a couple of weeks. When it comes to gift ideas, a good place to start is with your own hands and crafty abilities! There are tons of crafting ideas for Dad’s Day on various websites, of course. We’ve picked out six Father’s Day crafts that we think you might like. If you’re looking for something to give your dad, check out some of these crafting ideas!

A brown wreath with a collar and bowtie, and the word "Dad"
Father’s Day Wreath

And you thought wreaths were only for Christmas! This Father’s Day wreath is a really cute way to decorate for the holiday and it’s an excuse to have a wreath on your door in the summer. The base of the wreath is a Styrofoam form wrapped in twine. You’ll need the collar and button strip of a men’s shirt, as well as the letters “DAD” in wood, chipboard or another material. Assemble all the pieces and you’ve got a great Father’s Day wreath!
For full instructions on this Father’s Day craft, visit home.made.
A white mug with two thumbprint people and the words "Daddy and me"
Daddy and Me Mug

Here is an adorable craft that your kids can play a part in. To make this “Daddy and Me” mug, you’ll need a plain white mug and some enamel paints in whichever colors you’d like to use. For the “dad” figure, use your child’s thumbprint. For the “child” figure, use your child’s pointer finger. Then you can paint on the words “Daddy and Me,” or “Happy Father’s Day,” or a different message. To complete the project, simply bake the mug in the oven as directed on your paint bottle. This will be great for any dad who loves drinking coffee! You can even add multiple fingerprint people to include all of your kids.
To see the full instructions for this Father’s Day craft, visit Kaboose.
A card made with handprints
“This Much” Card

Unconventional cards are such a fun idea! Anything other than the regular book-like greeting card is sure to be appreciated. This card is not only unconventional and unique, it’s also a really cute idea for Father’s Day. To make this card very personalized, use a tracing of your child’s hands to create the two sides of the card. Then cut a strip of paper and fold it into an accordion. On the first hand, write the words “I love you,” and on the accordion strip of paper write “this much.” This is so cute, very simple to make, and is sure to touch any father’s heart.
For more information on this Father’s Day craft, visit A Day in My Life.
A small, painted flower pot filled with candy and a "Happy Father
Candy-Filled Tie Pots

Here’s a great gift for a dad with a sweet tooth. It’s also a cute spin on the classic gift for Father’s Day — a tie. You’ll need a terracotta pot to begin with. Simply paint that pot in any color you’d like — perhaps your dad’s favorite color? Once you’ve got your painted pot, cut out a tie shape from paper or fabric and glue it to the front of the pot. Glue a styrofoam ball to the bottom of the pot and stick in your skewer with a “Happy Father’s Day” flag on it. Then all that’s left is to fill the pot with your dad’s favorite candy! 
For more information on this Father’s Day craft, visit Make It & Love It.
A card with a collar and tie on the front
Tie Cards

Here’s another spin on the traditional gift of a tie — a tie card! This is also a great gift for a dad with a sweet tooth because there’s a secret prize inside. First you’ll need to cut out a tie shape from some cool, patterned scrapbook paper. Next, seal a regular sized envelope and cut off one end. Cut a slit about one inch into the open end and fold it down to create a “collar,” so to speak. Glue on your tie and then slip in a Hershey’s chocolate bar — there’s the secret prize!
You can find full instructions for this Father’s Day craft at Bits of Everything.
A fake trophy made from gold paint, trinkets, and macaroni
Best Dad Trophy

This is, by far, the most ambitious of these Father’s Day gifts, but it looks like a wonderful idea and such a fun project to do with kids! To create your trophy, first have your kids choose fun and interesting trinkets, stones and beads. Next, spread glue on a cardboard trophy-shaped template and start sticking on macaroni. Once all of this has dried, spray paint the trophies with gold paint. Once the paint has dried, go crazy with the fun and shiny trinkets you chose earlier! Finally, add on a Father’s Day message and your trophy is ready to present to your dad!
For more information on this Father’s Day craft, visit Smart Class.

Credits: home.made, Kaboose, A Day in My Life, Make It & Love It, Then She Made, Smart Class

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