6 Rainbow Crafts Worth Celebrating

Posted by on Aug 01, 2013

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After a summer rainstorm, you might see a rainbow in the sky. And those streams of color might inspire you to go home and make some rainbow-themed crafts. There are plenty of options out there for you, but we have compiled six rainbow crafts right here. If you’re looking for something edible, or cool for a hot summer day, or something your kids can play with on a hot afternoon, then you’ll find some ideas here. Check out these six rainbow craft ideas!

A slice of cake with layers dyed different colors of the rainbow
Rainbow Cakes

In this post on CraftFoxes, we offer you 8 different kinds of rainbow cakes to brighten up your day and any celebration you might have. There are many different varieties of rainbow cake — ones covered in fondant, cake pops, thick stacks of rainbow-colored cake, rainbow pancakes, tie-dye pancakes and more. Whatever you’re looking for in a rainbow cake, you’re likely to find some inspiration in this post.

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A rainbow made from pasta dyed with food coloring
Pasta Rainbow

Here is a great rainbow craft that your kids can do on a rainy day while they’re waiting for a real rainbow to show up. All you need is some pasta in any shape that you have lying around the house, some food coloring and some glue. It’s recommended that you use a mixture of food coloring and rubbing alcohol to adhere the color to the pasta. Draw a rainbow on a piece of wax paper, then cover that drawing with glue. Then all you have to do is add the colored pasta and you have a rainbow you can hang in the window!

For more information on this rainbow craft, visit 5 Orange Potatoes.
A flower pot with different colors of paint poured over it to create a rainbow effect
Rainbow Flower Pot

This rainbow flower pot is a colorful way to brighten up your garden. This project is created through the really awesome technique of pour painting. One by one, pour your different colors of paint over your flower pot, while the pot is tipped upside down. The effect this creates is gorgeous and psychedelic, resulting in a wonderfully unique piece you can use in your garden or in your home. 

For more information on this rainbow craft, check out this post on CraftFoxes.
A stack of disc-shaped ice cubes in different colors
Rainbow Ice

Sometimes, the heat of noon time on a summer day is just too much to handle. That’s when it’s a good time to break out this rainbow craft for your kids to play with. It’s rainbow ice, and it’s super easy to make! All you need is some food coloring or non-toxic color drops, ice cube molds in interesting shapes and water. Create your colors, pour the water in your molds and then freeze until they’re good and frozen. Now your kids can play with them however they like, cool down and learn their colors in the process.

For more information on this rainbow craft, visit Sweeter Than Sweets.
A pair of sandals re-painted in different colors
Rainbow Glitter Sandals

Rainbows are not just for cakes and flower pots, they’re also great to use in fashion! This craft is a great idea if you have a pair of sandals hiding in your closet, just waiting for a refurbishing project. Use fabric paint to embellish your old sandals with some rainbow colors and then add some glitter for good measure. The final product will be a great way to add some excitement to your outfit and a splash of color to your day.

For more information on this rainbow craft, check out this CraftFoxes post.
Five balls of homemade play dough in red, purple, green, blue, and orange
Rainbow Kool-Aid Play Dough

Play dough is one of the most fun ways for your kids to play and be creative. There are a lot of recipes for homemade play dough out there, and this one is not very different. Just add some packets of Kool-Aid to give the dough some coloring. In lots of different colors, this rainbow craft is a great way for kids to learn the colors of the rainbow and be creative at the same time.

For more information on this rainbow craft, visit Pink and Green Mama.

Credits: CraftFoxes, 5 Orange Potatoes, Sweeter Than Sweets, and Pink and Green Mama.

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