7 Easy Handmade Romantic Gifts Even Guys Can Do

Posted by on Feb 03, 2022

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Guys are not known for their craftiness. Sure, some may have nailed together a spice rack in high school wood shop or even programmed a 3D-printed ashtray, but not many get together to whittle ornate napkin rings. If you’re a guy trying to impress your wife with a handmade anniversary gift or maybe you just found a new paramour you fancy on a dating site like Brides Bay, here are ideas for easy DIY romantic gifts. 

Of course you don’t have to be a guy to make these. They can work for just about any relationship, including making a crafty gift for yourself.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

cookie recipe in mason jar gift
A mason jar filled with chocolate chip cookie mix is a classic last-minute Christmas gift. But there’s no reason mason jar cookies have to be just a holiday treat. You can assemble the dry ingredients for just about any cookie recipe and, with a little decoration (like a gift tag, ribbon or paper flower), create a unique treat. The Frugal Girls have a long list of ideas for gifts in jars. For extra brownie points, offer to bake the cookies.

Sharpie-Decorated Vase

sharpie decorated flower vase
Are you a bit of a doodler or even a graphic designer? Pick up a few Sharpie Markers (possibly in colors other than black) and decorate a frosted glass vase with geometric shapes or any accents you desire. For more inspiration, check out this how-to excerpted from “Your Sharpie Style” by Deborah Green. Of course you’ll want to fill the finished vase with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. The flowers can also distract from any mistakes you might have made with those permanent markers.

Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter
Need a hostess or housewarming gift? Buy a small tin pail and break out the spray paint for a simple and cute planter. In order to decrease the stress that may come with a tending to a houseplant, choose a succulent or cactus that doesn’t require much watering but still looks stunning. After painting the pail, tap some holes in the bottom, fill it with the succulent soil and a plant and you’re just about ready to go. Vitamini Handmade also has designed a card to attach to the plant.

Bee Mine Honey Jar

Handmade honey jar gift
Another fun foodie treat is honey in a jar. Since a lot of honey (even nice ones) come in plastic bottles or drab glassware, pouring it into a pretty glass container can definitely class up that organic sweetener. Earnest Home Co. includes a beautifully designed “Bee Mine” card that can be used for just about anyone (whether or not it’s Valentine’s season).

Heart-Shaped Piñata

heart shaped pinatas
OK, piñatas are typically reserved for the under-12 set. But giving a candy filled cardboard heart to an adult has an unexpected charm. Plus if anyone has called you “a child,” you can give them the piñata with a knowing smile. You can also make allegorically references to ripping apart your heart, but let’s not get too dramatic about a person whacking cardboard to get a few sweets. Studio DIY explains how to glue the crepe paper onto a cardboard box and attach a string to complete it.

Vinyl Bowls

Vinyl Record Bowls
For anyone who wants to demonstrate that you’re romantic and hip, turn an old vinyl record into a bowl. Of course you want to choose a cool record, but not so cool and valuable that the recipient will say “How could you do that to my favorite album?” So once you have your material (such as Bread’s “Lost Without Your Love”) bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and mold to the shape of an existing bowl. (Be sure to protect your hands from that hot, hot vinyl.) Stars for the Streetlights has more instructions of this bowl, inspired by Mark Montano’s book “Big Ass Book of Crafts.” Don’t forget to fill the bowl with chocolates or something else your special someone loves, likeMountain Dew Cheetos or Haggis-Flavored Potato Chips.

Melting Heart Slime

heart melting slime
OK, it’s going to take a very specific type of person to appreciate red glitter slime, but if you’re in love with such a person, melting heart slime will not soon be forgotten. The recipe is a mix of red glitter glue, water and an essential oil scented like chocolate or roses. To ensure that the slime stays put (yet also keeps its romantic qualities), you may want to buy and decorate some heart-shaped plastic boxes. Of course, if no one you know would want any red glitter slime, you can also just make it for your kids to hand out at school on Valentine’s Day. Growing a Jeweled Rose has the instruction details.

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