7 Sock Craft Ideas

Posted by on Jan 03, 2013

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Isn’t it annoying when you lose one sock and are left with its lonely mate? Instead of letting that sock wallow in your drawer — or worse, just throwing it away — why not upcycle those single socks into some fun crafts? You can use up old socks that you don’t wear anymore or put those lonely socks to good use by creating thrifty, fun stuffed animals or puppets. If you don’t have any socks on hand (or foot), why not make it into a thrifting adventure? Visit your local thrift store to find good deals on some socks that can be turned into cats, elephants and other fun critters. However you do it, be sure to check out these seven sock animal ideas.

A stuffed dog made out of striped socks.
Sock Dog

If you’re looking for a fun rainy day activity to while away the hours and result in an adorable stuffed friend, check out this sock dog craft project. Depending on what kind of sock you use for the project, your stuffed dog can be striped, spotted or colorful. This project actually requires a pair of socks, so be ready to part with some of your footwear. All parts of the sock go into making the components of this sock dog, so it can be a great way to recycle socks! 
For full instructions on this sock craft, visit Cut Out & Keep.
Two owls made from striped, brown socks.
Sock Owl

These little sock owl friends require only one sock to make. So if you’re itching to get rid of a complete pair of socks, that means you can make two owls! For these nocturnal pals, you’ll also need some buttons for eyes and a bit of felt for their beaks. The final product of this sock craft will stand 5 inches tall. 
For complete instructions, visit favecrafts.
Sock monkey made from striped pink socks.
Sock Monkey

Of course, no post about sock crafts would be complete without a mention of our dear friend the sock monkey. With this free sock monkey pattern, you can let your imagination run wild. Choose the craziest patterned socks you can find and use them to make a fun and flamboyant monkey! Kids and adults alike are sure to be delighted by the sock monkey as a gift. 
For full sock monkey directions, visit Craftbits.com.
Dinosaur hand puppet made from a grey sock.
Sock Dinosaur

This next sock craft is not only a plush friend for any child who loves dinosaurs, it also doubles as a puppet! Hours of fun puppet shows are sure to ensue when you recycle your old socks into this awesome, spiky dinosaur. In addition to a sock, you’ll need some googly eyes and felt to accessorize this prehistoric puppet. 
For more directions on this sock dinosaur, visit All Kids Network.
Elephant made from pink and black socks.
Sock Elephant

What kid wouldn’t want an elephant for a pet? Of course, they’re far too large and wild to keep as pets, so why not have a sock version? This adorable sock elephant is the perfect accessory for a jungle-themed kid’s bedroom or a colorful companion. Use your creative discretion — you can make a regular gray elephant or a pink elephant! 
For directions on how to make this sock elephant, visit my own little world.
Stuffed cat made from a purple sock, with a yellow ribbon around its neck.
Sock Kitten

Real cats shed, but this sock cat is smiley and adorable without the hairy mess! You can cut your sock to the length you’d like for a tall cat, or a shorter and stouter cat. This sock craft cat will be filled with beans of some kind or a polyfill to plump her up. Add some buttons for eyes and any other decorations, and you have your sock cat!
For instructions on the sock cat, visit Craft Passion.
Teddy bear made from blue and white socks.
Sock Teddy Bear

Anyone can just buy a teddy bear from the store. But the craftiest of crafters know that an old sock can be made into a teddy bear with a more personal, homemade touch. For this craft, you’ll need some cotton fluff to stuff your sock teddy bear with. Simply add buttons or beads to create the cute face on this cuddly friend and you’re finished!
For instructions on the sock teddy bear, visit HumorSharing.com.

Credits: Cut Out and Keep, my own little world, favecrafts, Craftbits.com, Craft Passion, All Kids Network, HumorSharing.com. 

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