8 Cuddly, Cute Baby Blankets Anyone Can Make

Posted by on May 07, 2013

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The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood


Baby blankets are a newborn staple, great for car seats, impromptu play pads or to finish cribs and rocking chairs. For the new crafter — or the crafter trying out a new craft "genre," baby blankets can be an intimidating first-time project, but these unique gifts are easy enough for complete newbies to finish. From an upcycled baby blanket that uses a custom fabric stamp to a 20-minute machine-sewn crib cuddler, these baby blankets are not only practical, they are easy and fast to make.

baby blanket
Taggie, Your It!

Bright ribbons stitched between a cozy flannel fabric and a simpler backing create a unique taggie blanket. Consider using a waterproof fabric like nylon or even oilcloth as the backing to make this baby blanket ground-proof.
The Nifty Foodie shares how to make your own taggie baby blanket.
baby blanket
Stamping Ground

A custom stamp adds DIY flair to a leftover width of muslin fabric, particularly great for those tired of the cliché graphics and colors found with store-bought baby blankets. Design an image, like the fox, and then cut it into craft foam. For those uncomfortable with free-form sketching, borrow an image from a magazine or choose simple shapes like circles and diamonds.
Learn how to make your own hand-printed baby blankets from Patchwork Cactus.
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First Time's a Charm

A charm pack (quilter lingo for 5-inch pre-cut, pre-coordinated quilting fabrics) makes up this bright baby blanket. After arranging where you want each square to go, stitch the rows together — horizontal rows first. With right sides facing each other, the next step is to sew the backing fabric to the patchwork top while hand-sewn yarn knots secure the patchwork top to the backing.
Crazy Little Projects shares this easy baby blanket sewing pattern.
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True Colors

Colorblocking adds a modern flair to this simple crochet baby blanket. To make your own, single crochet a 3-foot length row, and when the skein runs out, switch to another color. After using 7 different complimentary colors, stitch rows together with yarn to make a 48-inches by 60-inches.
The Sweeterside of MommyHood shares this simple baby blanket crochet pattern.
baby blanket
A Common Thread

Hand embroidery adds a simple but special detailing to baby blankets and crib sheets. A transfer pen traces the templates onto the fabric, and the images are then outlined with embroidery floss using the stem stitch. For those new to embroidery, practice the loop-looking stem stitch on scrap fabric before starting on the baby blanket fabric.
Home Life shares how to embroider a baby blanket.
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Close Knit

Those wanting to knit their first baby blanket may want to try this unique and free knitting pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. Measuring a squared 30 inches, this pattern uses the garter stitch, but the bambino bedding is kept interesting by being knit on the diagonal instead of back-and-forth rows.
Head to CraftFoxes to get this free baby blanket knitting pattern.
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Quick as a Wink

For the new little shortie in your life, try this short-on-time baby blanket that needs only 20 minutes to complete and is geared for the complete beginner. The craft video covers basic skills like hand-sewing and attaching binding to two pieces of patterned fabric without any filling or cotton batting, which can complicate the process.
Make a 20-minute baby blanket with this video, found here at CraftFoxes.
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Basket Case

This baby blanket pattern uses a basket weave design. While not an easy pattern, a beginner could tackle it since there are only 5 rows repeated 15 times to make a 42-inches by 33-inches blanket. A single crochet border in a contrasting color completes the craft.

Head to Craft Passion for the complete basketweave baby blanket crochet pattern.

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