A Bathroom Makeover with Just One Item: a Stylish Handmade Sink

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016

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If your bathroom needs a lift, you don’t have to completely remodel, which can be expensive and time consuming. A handmade sink creates a focus point that can almost be as impressive as a makeover. 

While most people have an off-the-shelf sink, a handmade model can be a conversation piece for guests. Handmade sinks come in a wide variety, from a steampunk copper to delicate, eye-catching ceramics in sublime colors. Below are a few options. Do you need professional help with the installation? We consider a few thoughts below.

Handmade Sinks Worth Talking About

handmade copper sink
Rachiele’s handmade copper sinks are rugged, hardwearing and a little steampunk. Forged from superior grade copper, they’re practical and showy. On a practical note, the drainage is excellent, so you won’t need to dry the sink.
one dream design handmade sink
One Dream Design makes colorful, ceramic sinks. These sinks are all one-off designs so you can be sure that you have a fixture unlike anyone’s.
octopus handmade sink
The designs of Shayne Greco are even more unusual and take a water theme to heart. Shayne has created several aquatic-styled sinks including one accompanied by an octopus.

Fitting a New Handmade Sink

Finding an amazing handmade sink is fun, but what about installing it? There are several steps for removing an old bathroom sink and replacing it a new one. You need to shut off the water supply, unscrew the taps and remove the old pedestal. This isn’t always easy. Screws holding the original pedestal in place may have rusted over the years. Often you have to smash the pedestal away. If you do not feel comfortable doing all of this work then your best option is to hire a professional plumber to complete the task for you. Click here for more information

Investing in a handmade sink is an excellent way of giving your bathroom a new life. You can get a design that fits with the color scheme and theme of your room. If you don’t feel comfortable installing a new sink, hire a professional plumber in order to ensure the end result is as impressive as you want it to be. 

Thanks to Plumbing Detectives for their support with our article about handmade sinks.

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