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Posted by on Feb 22, 2012

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Badges are to girl scouts as tattoos are to permanent art enthusiasts. A popular trend among fiery crafters? Inking their body with markings of their favorite tools of trade. You don’t have to be super hardcore to rock a simple design of one or two sewing buttons on your wrist, but if you are, no problem with going full sleeve either! Be proud of your craft and proclaim your passion permanently with these craft themed tattoo inspirations.

sewing machine craft tattoo
Sewing Machine and Model Craft Tattoo

With both feet tattooed you can display multiple loves-of-your-life like this vintage sewing machine and dress form. The images complement each other by covering different aspects of the same field but are different enough to stand alone. Whatever your craft or style, foot tattoos are feminine and can be shown off while wearing shiny flats or easily hidden in your favorite pair of chucks.
buttons craft tattoo
Buttons Craft Tattoo

This simple pair of buttons is a crafty tattoo that make a statement. Because wrist tattoos can easily become a part of your everyday identity, play with the placement before getting anything done there. One way to “try on” a tattoo is to print off a life size image in the shape of the desired piece and then tape it on your skin and wear it around for a few minutes. You can easily move it around and see how the tattoo looks in different spots. You could also have an artsy friend draw it on you. Keeping the design simple will ensure your craft tattoo will always match your outfits!
cross-stitch craft tattoo
Cross-Stitch Deer Craft Tattoo 

Looking for quirky and outgoing inspiration? This cross-stitch craft tattoo replicates a basic vintage holiday pattern with unique flair. Mixing up the colors will make this tattoo more dynamic and will help portray the cross-stitch theme.
yarn and needles craft tattoo
Yarn and Needles Craft Tattoo
For the avid knitter, this image of yarn and needles is an exciting and comforting everyday sight. Show others knitting is no longer just your grandmother’s hobby by getting a knitting tattoo of your own. This particular piece is the perfect subject for a shoulder or calf tattoo and could easily be colored.
Camera Craft tattoo
Camera Craft Tattoo
This simple outline of a nondescript camera shows a passion for photography without commitment to an intricate or over the top design. Simple outlines like this are better for smaller tattoos and should be kept under 4 inches.
shurtter craft tattoo
Shutter Craft Tattoo

Camera tattoos can be as varied as the millions of models of devices themselves. The tattoo pictured here is a stylized drawing that features a unique shutter design. If your photography is focused on details like f-stops then consider showing off your knowledge of how to work a manual with something like this stylized tattoo.
Scissors Craft Tattoo
Scissors Craft Tattoo

Perhaps you’re a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to crafts. Instead of displaying just one, choose your favorite craft tool. To soften the image of a realistic tattoos like this pair of scissors, have your artist create a simple colored banner that intertwines with the subject.
Origami Unicorn Craft Tattoo
Origami Unicorn Craft Tattoo

This unicorn is a similar but unique twist on the standard origami crane tattoo. Into paper crafts? Consider an origami-shaped tattoo of an animal that means something to you. For instance, if you were born in the year of the tiger, browse images of tiger origami online for inspiration. Shading is key to reproducing the depth of the folded paper in origami shapes.
Typewriter Craft Tattoo
Typewriter Craft Tattoo

Typewriter tattoos offer a tangible tool for portraying your love for paper crafts like card making. The older-looking the better — vintage typewriters and letterpress printers pay homage to artisans of the past as well as add character to your tattoo.

Photo credits, from top: Collage (Emily Schreck, Benjamin White, Bart Heird, Nadja Herreshoff), Bart Heird /, Kristen Delap, Benjamin White, Emily Schreck, Stephen McLeod Blythe, Dan Queiroz, Nadja Herreshoff, Sunday Williams and D-Murda

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    I love these ideas. I really want a new tattoo and it has to have a needle and thread in it.