Batman v Superman: the Ultimate Superhero Craft-Off

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016

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DC fans rejoice! The long awaited superhero face-off between Batman and Superman hits theaters Friday. In celebration of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we've gathered the ultimate roundup of Batman and Superman crafts perfect for kids and adults alike. Now, the question is whose crafts will win out in this mashup of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. Let's find out!

Batman Crafts

Batman Light

An iconic superhero emblem is Batman's bat insignia, so this bat light from Mad Stuff with Rob is the perfect way to signal the Dark Knight whenever you need him.

Bat Signal Coaster

Show your love for Bruce Wayne with bat signal coasters from CraftKlatch. For extra sheen, add silver and black glitter to the resin for a super starry background.

Batman Egg

With Easter just two days after the movie's premiere, this Batman egg craft from Cool School is both fun and festive. Dye an egg black, style with construction paper and mini accessories, and you're good to go. Enjoy this craft and many more in this crafty tutorial.

Superman Crafts

Superman Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Have any toilet paper rolls for a craft you haven't gotten around to yet? Do your superhero duty and use them to make a tubular Superman. Learn how to recycle and save the world thanks to Easy Make Everything.

Superman Minion

What is red and blue and yellow over? Superman Minion, of course! Combine your love of superheroes with your love of minions by learning how to draw this heroic minion via Giulia's Art.

Can't Decide? How About Both?!

Batman & Superman Crafts

Batman & Superman Cuffs

Pair your favorite superhero cape with these fierce cuffs from Samu TV Kids Learning & Songs. Some paint and toilet paper rolls will do the trick!

Batman & Superman Pencil Toppers

While these superheroes are made of felt and paper, they do not lack any strength or courage in the face of erasable mistakes. Since they're up for any challenge, are you up to the feat of making these pencil toppers from Cool School?

Now for the Ultimate Batman v Superman Craft!

Batman v Superman String Art

With the release of the movie quickly approaching, what better way to commemorate this epic dueling duo than with Batman v Superman badge string art? This tutorial by Easy Make Everything shows you how to bring the film's symbol to life with string.

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