Bowls Made Out of Unique Materials

Posted by on Oct 18, 2011

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If you thought creating trendy handmade bowls was all about paper mache and clay, boy, were you wrong! Make attention-grabbing home decor from things in your kitchen cupboard or even the trash can. We’ve rounded up ideas that put a clever twist on this classic household item. The best part? Most of these projects can be completed in an hour or less!

Yarn Bowl

Encourage your kids to explore their creative side with this fun and easy project. Take turns gluing 8-inch strips of yarn (worsted weight is best) to an inflated balloon in a varied pattern. Once the glue dries, pop the balloon and you are left with an eye-catching container. Experiment with different-colored yarn for effect.
Learn how to make your own yarn bowl from A Friend to Knit With!

vinyl record bowl
Vinyl Record Bowl

Unless you’re a DJ or were a teenager before the invention of the CD, you’ll probably need to raid a parent’s basement for this project. Simply place an old LP (that’s short for long-playing record, youngsters!) in the oven on top of a glass or metal bowl for around 5 minutes. Once it cools, you’ll have an awesome, vintage-looking piece to store your household items or jewelry.
Get the free vinyl record bowl tutorial at Cut Out and Keep!
gingerbread bowl
Gingerbread Bowl

What could be better than a bowl you can eat? Prepare your favorite gingerbread recipe (or use the one included in the instructions) and mold the rolled out dough to a foil-lined bowl of your choice. Bake for 25-30 minutes for a delicious addition to your kitchen.
Get the free gingerbread bowl recipe from Squidoo!

magazine bowl
Magazine Bowl

Stop filling the landfills with your back issues of US Weekly. A couple of those old magazines, a glue stick and some varnish are all you need to make this colorful, eco-friendly bowl. Roll the magazine pages up into a coil and use a favorite bowl as a guide for your ideal shape. Now you can almost guarantee that story about the latest celebrity wedding will last longer than the actual marriage.
Get the free magazine bowl tutorial from Cut Out and Keep!
salt dough bowl
Salt Dough Bowl

Though flour, salt and water are the foundation of this bowl, it’s intended to admire rather than to eat. Follow the recipe to prepare the salt dough and roll it to fit your chosen mold. Bake at a very low temperature for about 12 hours. The finished product makes a unique decorative item for your table. A word of caution: the author of the recipe warns that these bowls are not waterproof.
Get the free salt dough bowl tutorial from Mia's Craft!
coconut bowl
Coconut Bowl

Add some island flavor to your home with an innovative use for this tropical fruit. Once you’ve removed the milk and the meat (and hopefully made a pina colada with it), sand the empty coconut shell to your desired finish.
Make your own coconut bowl with this free tutorial from Raw Food Rehab!

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