Candy Corn Crafts — Yellow and Orange and White, Oh My!

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014

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Halloween is on its way! One of the most classic Halloween treats is candy corn — with those sweet colorful stripes that are so fun to eat! There are so many different kinds of candy corn-themed crafts that you can make for Halloween, from home décor to fashion statements. We have rounded up 6 candy corn crafts that you’re sure to love.

candy corn painted Mason jars
Candy Corn Mason Jars
These candy corn-colored Mason jars would make a great centerpiece for the table. All you have to do is spray paint your Mason jars white, then spray a band of yellow and a band of orange. For more information, visit Mason Jar Crafts Love.

candy corn tie dye onesie
Tie-Dye Onesie
If you want to deck out your little one in Halloween colors, this candy corn tie-dye onesie is a great way to do that! It’s a pretty simple process and the final product is adorable! For more information, visit The Swell Designer.

candy corn wreath
Candy Corn Wreath
Candy corn is a tasty treat, but it’s also a great décor accessory. You can use any excess candy corn you may have to create a wreath for your front door for the rest of the fall season. For more information, visit Woman’s Day ... and don't forget to preserve your wreath so the candy doesn't attract bugs.

Candy corn halloween treat bag
Trick-or-Treat Bags
When your kids go out trick-or-treating, you want them to go out in style. This adorable candy corn-themed bag is a pretty basic sewing project — all you need is some felt and a template. For more information, visit The Purl Bee.

candy corn softie pillow
Amanda Formaro
Candy Corn Softie
This adorable stuffed toy in the shape of a candy corn is a sweet Halloween decoration and fun for kids to play with year 'round. This could even be a good beginner’s project for a child who wants to learn to sew. For more information, visit Modern Mom.

candy corn nail polish
Nail Art
Halloween decorations can even extend to your own fingernails. This candy corn-themed nail art is colorful and easy enough for even a beginner nail artist (don't forget to clean up those cuticles!). For more information, visit The Smart Cookie Cook.

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