Eleven Amazing Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014

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For those of us prone to continuous home decoration, chalkboard paint is a savior (for the wallet and your spouse's sanity). Chalkboard paint can be applied to almost any surface, which means it allows you to reinvent your household items and thrift store scores over and over, each time with your very own chalk art! Since your only limitation is your imagination, we've rounded up eleven of our favorite clever DIY chalk paint projects to help you find your next home décor inspiration.

DIY breakfast tray, DIY chalkboard paint, Chalkboard paint tray, Chalkboard serving tray
Chalkboard Serving Tray
Repurpose an old, wooden panel or vintage picture frame with chalkboard paint and some extra drawer handles to make it into a nifty serving tray! Guests won't be able to remember the slightly burnt toast when you serve it on a creative tray.

DIY spice jars, Chalkboard spice jar, Chalkboard paint crafts, Mason jar chalkboard paint
DIY Spice Jars
Adding a unique chalkboard label to some mini-Mason jars makes them perfect for holding all sorts of spices, salts, and seasonings! If nothing else, this DIY craft will finally keep you from mixing up your sugar and salt.

DIY notebook, Chalkboard notebook, Chalkboard paint crafts, DIY patterned notebook
Chalkboard Paint Notebook
You don't need to be a student to enjoy a snazzy new notebook now and then! Or maybe it's the third week of class and you're already bored of the kitten notebook cover you bought on a whim. In either case, this DIY chalk paint craft has you covered. 

Chalkboard paint fridge, DIY fridge, Chalkboard paint crafts, Fridge drawing
DIY Chalkboard Fridge
This ingenious DIY chalk paint project brings new life to the idea of hanging drawings on the kitchen fridge! Inspire creativity in your kitchen by making your refrigerator your family's new canvas.

DIY shoe projects, Chalkboard paint shoe, DIY chalkboard heels, Chalkboard paint crafts
"These Shoes Were Made for Chalkin'"
We try to stay fairly clear of harsh ultimatums, incontrovertible truths, and rigid political stances ... but we are undoubtedly in favor of having an infinite variety of shoe patterns in a single pair of thrift store heels. In an unintentional twist of patriotism, this blogger has chosen stars and stripes; what will you choose?

Thrift store upcycle drawers, Repurpose DIY drawers, Chalkpaint drawers, Chalkpaint DIY projects
Repurposed Chalkboard Drawers
We haven't kept track of the number of times we've passed up a handsome set of drawers at the thrift shop because of an unfortunate paint job ... but the number wouldn't be insignificant. This idea for painting over plain file cabinets with chalkboard paint, however, is a great reminder of how easily you can transform home decor with a little DIY lovin'!
DIY kids crafts, Chalkboard paint table, Chalkboard projects, DIY kids play table
Chalkboard Playtable
A chalkboard table top can be treated as if a painter's canvas with careful, elaborate drawings ... but it's a lot more fun to make your repurposed project kid-friendly! A craft like this is perfect for the family room, and did we mention clean up involves minimal small parts for you to unexpectedly step on two days later? You're welcome.

DIY coffee mug, Chalkboard mug, Chalkboard paint crafts
Chalkboard Mug
We can't wait to spruce up our favorite drinking mugs with a layer of chalkboard paint, as seen in this DIY project! With a little strategic chalk-work every morning, it'll become a mood-mug. On those good days, our mugs will pronounce "Hello, World! Pleased to greet you!" On those other mornings, well ... you'll know not to ask.

Repurpose clock, DIY clock crafts, Chalkboard paint clock, Chalkboard paint crafts
Repurposed Chalkboard Clock
Not only do we live by the mantra this blogger has neatly scripted on her project, but we love the fact that underneath that wisdom is a broken clock! 

Chalkboard fireplace, DIY chalkboard paint, Chalkboard paint crafts, Fireplace DIY
DIY Chalkboard Fireplace
Looking for an inexpensive way to make any room more classy? Add a fireplace! The only thing cheaper than drawing one with chalk is imagining you have a fireplace — and one of these options is way better than the other. 

Painted pots, Chalkboard paint crafts, Chalkboard paint garden pots
Chalkboard Planter Labels
It's easy to forget which houseplant is which when they're still in their infancy; but by adding a strip of chalkboard paint (or maybe painting the whole pot altogether, like this crafter did), you'll never confuse those sprouts again!

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