Congratulations to the Finalists of the Imagination Movers Crafts Contest!

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012

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What a great response we got to the Imagination Movers' contest — so many inventive uses of cheese, gears and a little mouse who hangs in a warehouse!

While all of the entries are winners in our hearts (big shout outs to the Imagination Movers Cupcakes and Robot), we let the comments do the nominating. In no particular order, here are the finalists for the Imagination Movers Crafts Contest. The winner will be picked by the Imagination Movers themselves. Check back by next Monday for the big announcement.

Cheese Art Concert Poster

Wendy Fort made this poster with her daughter for the Imagination Movers "In a Big Warehouse" tour stop in Atlanta. Mover Dave even brought it on stage during the show and the rest of the gang signed it. Very impressive credentials. Commenter Susan Prior wrote: "I love this poster!! I especially love the use of the different types of craft material!! You can definitely tell this was made with love!!"
Gearrings Earrings
Gearing Earrings

So simple, yet so clever and cute. Kelly Melnyk strung custom-made acrylic gears together on silver ear wires and created ear gear that shows everyone where your head is at. As Wendy Fort wrote: "Those will look killer as your head bobs to Mover music!"
Warehouse Mouse Christmas Ornament
Warehouse Mouse Christmas Ornament

It took four weeks for Elizabeth Davis to create the Warehouse Mouse Christmas Ornament. She sculpted the Mouse and his bed from newsprint, molding the sheets over a small box. Acrylic paints, a feather boa and felt accents added color and life to the paper. Becky Hendricks Switalski wrote: "Wow. Just wow. This is a true piece of art! An incredible likeness of Warehouse Mouse. The bed itself is an architectural wonder!"
Dave Birthday Cake
"Dave" Birthday Cake

This cake proves how the right use of fondant can take a cake to a higher level. Donna Amato baked the cake in a guitar-shaped pan and, with a few modifications and some sweet inspiration, made Dave's bass. "Awesome!" commented Heather Tupin, "Tell me, did you stir the imagination in briskly, or was it more of a leisurely blend?"
Warehouse Mouse Hoodie
Warehouse Mouse Hoodie

Tonya Mcculough made this Warehouse Mouse hoodie for her daughter to wear on Halloween — the rest of the family wore Imagination Movers suits! It's made out of gray fabric with orange feathers for the hair. White Candy cooed: "Awww sweet, love the whole outfit, especially the orange hair!!"

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  • by omamamia
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    Congrats! My personal fave are the "Gearrings" :) Where can I order those??

  • by prototd
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    That's some seriously stiff competition, right there! I'm on pins and needles!