The Coolest Craft Tools You Need Right Now!

Posted by on May 27, 2015

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To keep up with these crafty times, we've compiled a list of must-have crafting tools for all of your DIY projects. From stamping to cutting to jewelry-making and even 3D drawing, these tools are sure to make your crafting more fun. The latest technology and tools in the craft industry are just a click away, so now it's up to you: Which tool will you try first? Tell us your experiences with these products and other cool tools in the comments. Let's get crafty with it!

You can draw in the air! This 3D printing pen from 3Doodler brings your doodles to life. Make all kinds of figures and structures with this pen, which extrudes heated plastic that quickly cools and solidifies into a strong, stable and dimensional form. 

The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented — MISTI for short — is great for every crafter and stamper from novice to expert alike. With its rubber, non-slip bottom and magnetic surface for positioning your papers, the MISTI makes it easy to line up stamps perfectly. In this video, the inventor of the MISTI stamping tool describes how it works.

Create the perfect bangle, cuff or bracelet with this 3D Bracelet Jig, which features evenly-spaced holes and removable pegs. Wrap your wire around the pegs and craft something gorgeous for your wrist or ear. You become the designer with this jewelry-making tool!

takumi needles
Have you tried Clover Takumi Needles? These bamboo knitting needles feature seamless joints and tapered tips for more ease and precision. The joint connection between the needle and cord allows for smooth sliding of every stitch. Check out how Vickie Howell used them to make this cool Sea Breeze bag.

Featuring a LED light on its blade, this new knife from X-ACTO helps you cut and trim anything with more speed and accuracy. The X-LIGHT has a soft grip and can be used in either bright daylight or dimly lit spaces.

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