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Posted by on Dec 16, 2011

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In this week's Craft Bits, we're a bit, well, envious. We're jealous of everyone who got to shop Liz Taylor's auction, those who are super-profitable with their crafty businesses and anyone who lives in Toronto. Or Los Angeles. To explain the latter: The Guardian recently came up with a list of the best places to shop vintage in the world. Los Angeles made the cut for best place to shop for 70's. 

Want to see if your city made the cut? Visit The Guardian.

69 Vintage
Or Is Toronto The Best Place For Vintage?

Allegedly, Toronto has "more vintage than the entire United States." At least, if this article is believed. (Can you tell we've never been to Toronto?) Now we know where we'll be going on our next vacation...
For more about Toronto's vintage scene, visit The Telegraph.
Liz Taylor Auction Breaks Records

Though we're fixated on the emerald and diamond necklace that Kim Kardashian bought, there were other headline-making moments at the Elizabeth Taylor auction earlier this week. Namely, how a ring set (estimated at $8,000) went for over 1 million dollars. Other notables: A wedding gown that sold for $62,500 and an uh, understated, bolero jacket covered in embroidery depicting Elizabeth Taylor in her most famous roles sold for $128,500. 
For more about the Elizabeth Taylor auction, visit Businessweek.
Newsflash: Crafting Is Profitable

Who knew that crafting could earn you money? (Oh wait, besides us, Etsy, Folksy, Artfire, etc) But seriously, it's never been a better time to be a crafter, according to this article from NPR Boston. Yes, there is more competition than ever, but there's also a seemingly limitless market for all things handmade. 
For more about how crafting can be good business, visit WBUR.
Rx For Holiday Baking Disasters

For the "friend you know" who has a little trouble baking comes this round-up of great fixes for coming culinary disaster scenarios. Is it just us, or is there more room for error in baking than it is for regular cooking? 
To see the common holiday baking dilemmas and how to fix them, visit Epicurious.

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