Craft Bits — Bringing Back Home Ec, Infinite Cosby Sweater, Summit of Awesome

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011

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What do knitted Cosby sweaters, quilting shops and sewing machines have in common? They're our Craft Bits stories of the week, yes, but are also all related to skills that you would've learned in Home Ec. 

The question of whether or not Home Ec should be brought back is up for debate. One side argues that such courses teach teens to be more self-reliant adults, while the other side thinks it's a waste of already-tight school budgets. What do you think?
For the full story on if Home Ec should be brought back, visit NPR.

craft bits news story on the city quilter
Michael Kirby Smith for NYTimes
New York's Hidden Secret

A quilt store is just about as incongruous to the Manhattan retail landscape as a blacksmith shop, but one has been thriving in the city for 15 years now. Who knew? The City Quilter not only has an admirably large collection of fabrics, it also has sprouted a gallery that sometimes gives space to art quilts that no longer have a spot in budget-minded museums. 
Read more about the City Quilter shop in The New York Times.
craft bits news item on if sewing is necessary
Tony Avelar/CSM
Is Sewing Worth It?

To a diehard sewer, it's a silly question, but for those starting out (who can easily get frustrated by the process of winding a bobbin alone) it's bound to come up. The answer, we think, is yes, it's a skill that's worth the time and effort, so stay patient. Once you've mastered the basics, you will be able to save money by making (or improving upon) your own clothes.
For more on the debate on the practicality of sewing as a skill, visit The Christian-Science Monitor.
craft bits news item on Hello Craft
Hello Craft
Are You Attending the Summit of Awesome?

This year, the nonprofit craft advocacy group Hello Craft is having their annual Summit of Awesome in Baltimore from October 20-22. Expect three days of seminars, tutorials and the company of your fellow crafters. We're in.
For more on the Summit of Awesome, visit Hello Craft.

craft bits news item featuring infinite Bill Cosby sweater
The Neverending Cosby Sweater

Weird but life-enhancing: A tech-minded artist and maker has hacked a knitting machine that produces a sweater depicting Bill Cosby wearing a Bill Cosby sweater that depicts Bill Cosby wearing a Bill Cosby sweater ... and so on. Kind of hurts your mind to think about it, doesn't it?
For more on the Bill Cosby infinite regression sweater, visit Geekosystem.

Watch the Bill Cosby sweater get made.

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  • by joseyb
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    When I think of Home Ec classes of the 50s I think of courses preparing girls for being wives. But now a days it would be for any student — boy or girl. The classes could offer useful tips. Also it would be another elective choice for those students who would rather learn to cook than paint or join the band.