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Posted by on Oct 07, 2011

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Motoya Nakamura, The Oregonian


This week, we're finally confronting the transition into cooler weather with some news about fab quilts and one of the easiest bread recipes ever. But first, let's talk about Portland: What's going on there? It used to be the hub of indie fashion, but so many up-and-coming designers are up-and-leaving for New York or Los Angeles. We thought it was just the magnetic pull of the coasts and, well, we were wrong. Turns out there's a big infrastructure problem in Portland as far as production goes. Clothes are just easier to manufacturer in a bigger city center. Yes, it's better than outsourcing, but there has to be a more local solution, don't you think?

For more about the Portland fashion fiasco, visit The Oregonian.

craft bits news item about art quilt exhibit at James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania
The Morning Call
Must-See Art Quilts

You might not be able to get cozy with these fancy quilts, but their gorgeously saturated colors will warm the spirit. Or something like that. We were impressed with the mix of inventive quilts on display at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (just outside of Philadelphia), which interpret food into abstracted images. 
For more about the exhibit, visit The Morning Call.
craft bits news item about decades pop-up store in chicago
Vintage Pops Up In Chicago

If you're in the Windy City October 15-16, brace yourself: Decades, the authority on vintage clothing, is opening up a pop-up shop. Now this isn't your standard vintage jumble of polyester and plastic. Expect to find pristine designer goods, like this dreamboat of a Chanel bag. We're envious on so many levels.
For the exact details about the Decades pop-up shop, visit NBC Chicago.
craft bits news item about no-fail quick bread recipe
The Washington Post
No-Fail Quick Bread

This great recipe doesn't produce a quick bread in the traditional sense. And by traditional we mean that kinda stale, dry, almost cake-like loaf that no one ever wants to eat. This is a loaf of bread that is quick to make, and comes out exactly like bread should: chewy with a good crust. How quick, you ask? Your time investment works out to 20 minutes of work, really.
For the full recipe, visit The Washington Post.
craft bits news item about cake theater website
Cake Theater
Share in Some Cake Fun

When you hit that part of your day where only cake can cheer you up, check out new website Cake Theater. Basically, it's a site where people upload pictures of their cakes. Of course, not just any plain-Jane cake, but lovingly decorated ones. Or great ideas, like this cake baked into a cute mug. Yep, we're hungry just thinking about it.
To see far too many delicious cakes, visit Cake Theater.

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