Craft Bits — Dog Confessions, BBC Goes Handmade, Letterpress Revival

Posted by on Aug 26, 2011

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Christopher Rozzi


If news about earthquakes and hurricanes have you feeling down, we have just the thing for you: Tiny Confessions. Originating from an Etsy shop of the same name, Tiny Confessions combines "PostSecret" with adorable illustrations of animals. So if you've ever wanted to know what Fido or Cookie thinks, here you go.
To find out more about Tiny Confessions, visit Salon

Craft bits news item about BBC Four Handmade in Britain program
Victoria & Albert Museum
BBC Hearts Handmade

Over in the U.K., BBC Four has been facing deep budget cuts. But there's some good news: The channel is dedicating a season to all things crafty in conjunction with the Victoria & Albert museum. The venture will be called "Handmade in Britain" and will begin in the autumn. So all of you over the pond ... record this for us!
To learn more about Handmade in Britain, visit Londonist.
Craft Bits news item about the handmade stationery revival
Wall Street Journal
Letterpress Revival

Keep an eye on your mailbox — not your inbox — if this article from the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. Apparently, stationery sales are up, with many home letterpress studios filling the new demand for old-time communication supplies. Though we have a hunch that most orders are for wedding invites, we'd love to see more non-bills in our daily mailbag.
To read more about the letterpress revival, visit the Wall Street Journal.
Craft Bits news item about restored vintage ads in San Francisco
NBC Bay Area
Vintage Ads, Remixed

As if most of us didn't envy San Francisco residents enough (seriously, year-round temperatures around 60 degrees?), here's another reason: Artists in the Tenderloin district are restoring vintage advertisements for modern eyes. The results are just beautiful and worth a look.
To see a slideshow of restored vintage ads, visit NBC Bay Area.
Craft bits news item about stolen tutus
Tutus Go Missing

On a slightly sadder note, a thief has struck the Manhattan Youth Ballet, making off with $17,000 worth of handmade costumes. We're hoping that this person is caught soon ... but if you'd like to contribute your sewing skills in the meantime, get in touch with this worthy organization.
To find out more about Manhattan Youth Ballet, visit the Daily News.

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