Craft Bits — Handsewn Book Covers, Handmade Lacemakers, Photo Quilts

Posted by on Apr 04, 2011

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Image: Courtesy of Penguin


Whether it's upcycling dresses from over 20 vintage gowns or giving classic Penguin bookcovers a new look with embroidery, this week craft internet is abuzz with remixing old and new. First up, publishers are thinking beyond craft titles in terms of getting in on the trend for all things handmade. To wit: The Penguin Threads series, which features hand-embroidered cover art by Jillian Tamaki. And if you like these designs (and why wouldn't you), check out these hand-embroidered book purses that we featured a little while back (scroll down for 'em).
Read more about the Penguin Threads
series and check out the cover art.

craft discount
Groupon-Style Discounting Meets Etsy

So we’re on the fence about Heartsy, a new-ish app designed to bring Groupon-like discounts into the handmade marketplace of Etsy. Yes, it’s a way to get more people to visit your shop. But do we really want to effectively give away merch? Discuss.
Read more about the Heartsy discount app and tell us what you think in the comments!
upcycled dresses
Upcycling Dresses, Haute Edition

The haute take on upcycling: London fashion direction-turned-designer Gary Harvey transforms slips, corsets and more (mostly scored from rummage sales) into Oscar-worthy dresses for the likes of Livia Firth (aka Mrs. Colin Firth). 
Read more about Gary Harvey's upcycled dresses and other refashion artists.
diy craft movie
Must-See DIY Flick

We are SO jealous of Melbourne residents right now. Why? Because local director Anna Brownfield is showing her new documentary Making It Handmade at a theater near you. It follows four women who happen to be fabulous crafters. If you see it, let us know how it was! Find out more about the Making It Handmade movie.
handmade lace
Handmade Lacemakers, Listen Up

If you are handy with the art of lacemaking, you might be able to snap up a few plum jobs in high fashion. That’s because designers at leading fashion houses (like Marc Jacobs) are heavily featuring handmade fine lace in upcoming collections.
Read more about the handmade lace trend.
pop-up craft boutique
Pop-Up Boutiques Come to Campus

Want to establish your fashion or accessories line outside the digital realm? Then try a pop-up boutique at the closest university campus. That’s what a few enterprising students are doing at the University of Georgia. Though you might not have much luck with couture-caliber dresses, totes and handbags might be a smart venture.
urban photo quilt
Photo Quilts Get Edgier

The idea of printing digital photos onto fabric has always been appealing, but the subject matter trended towards sentiment rather than style. Not so with these quilts by designer C Merry, which feature photos of New York’s Lower East Side. They’re that elusive combination of cool … and cozy.
Check out C Merry’s Urban Quilts, along with the story behind the project.

Credit images from top: Courtesy of Penguin, via, Screenshot via,, Margaret Burin/ABC Local, Christina Binkley/The Wall Street Journal, Dina Zolan/The Red & Black,

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