Craft Bits — Pinterest's Trouble, Artisan Craft School, Vintage Jewelry

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012

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With St. Patrick's Day knocking at our door, the news world is sparkling with traditional articles of soda bread and colcannon recipes. But there are also a few surprises in the news this week, including Pinterest's response to alleged photo sharing infringements, a reclusive heiress' vintage jewelry collection (which has been locked away in a bank vault for over 7 decades) and a new school for those wanting to take their artisan food business to the next level.

Pinterest, an online scrapbook
Anything This Fun Had to Be Illegal 

Pinterest has responded this week to questions about copyright permissions, stating the site is covered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, much like YouTube. Controversy arose when photographer and lawyer Kirsten Kowalski accused Pinterest users of pinning images they didn't own and not linking back to the image's source. 
The Washington Post has more on Pinterest's response to the alleged illegal photo sharing. 
food artisan Dafna Kory of Inna Jams
Recipe for Success

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Food Craft Institute, opening this April, will center solely on jam, pickle and other artisan food crafts. The culinary school will host 12-week business and food safety courses and apprenticeships, all with the goal of creating savvy artisan businesses that have real staying power. 
For more on the Food Craft Institute's unique style of chef school, head to the San Francisco Chronicle
heiress Huguette Clark
Put a Ring on It 

Also happening in mid-April, Christie's will be auctioning a mythic collection of vintage and art deco jewelry. Belonging to reclusive copper mining heiress Huguette Clark, who died at the age of 104, the jewels, including a 9-carat pink diamond ring, are expected to go for $12 million. 
Take a gander at Huguette Clark's impressive vintage art decor jewelry collection at MSNBC
upcycled vintage suitcase
Living Around a Suitcase 

While baggage fees and narrow overhead compartments exclude vintage suitcases from sky travel, The Oregonian gives the iconic carriers new life as furniture. Transformed into either an upcycled end table or bathroom organizer, the hard-shell suitcase adds cheeky charm to any home. 
Turn your vintage suitcases into furniture with The Oregonian's free how-to. 
chocolate Irish stout cake
Icing on the Cake

Whether kept traditional or modernized beyond recognition, St. Patrick's Day recipes sent ripples of hunger (and thirst) around the news this week. NYC chefs offer modern takes on traditional Irish dishes, including chocolate stout cake and "corned" salmon. 
For these recipes and more revamped St. Patrick's Day fare, check out New York Daily News.

Image credits (from top): Pinterest, Pinterest, Kevin Johnson / The Chronicle, AP File, Stephen Cridland / The Oregonian and Ingalls

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