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Posted by on Sep 09, 2011

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In this edition of Craft Bits, we're expanding your crafty vocabulary from "mantiques" to "crochetdermy." But first, a name that you know, but have probably forgotten about: Shrinky Dinks. This retro craft allows you to make teeny tiny, surprisingly detailed charms out of plastic. You doodle on plastic, then pop it in the oven where, you guessed right, it shrinks. Amazingly fun. And while you might remember making little Smurf charms way back when, more artisans are rediscovering this fun medium. Like Guiseppina "Josie" Cirincione, who turns the plastic into sweet buttons.
To learn more about the new generation of Shrinky Dinks crafts, visit the San Jose Mercury News.

Craft bits news item about mantiques
Now about "Mantiques"...

These husband-and-wife shopowners stand out from the vintage crowd by offering "mantiques" in their inventory. What's that? Well, mainly, vintage electronics. So next time you pass by that '70s television at the thrift store, you might want to take another look.
For more about "mantiques," visit Knox News.
Craft Bits news item about a sock that
The Providence Journal
...or Giant Socks

The ladies of the Rhode Island Sewing Network are attempting to achieve the Guinness World's Record for the biggest sock. Once completed, it will measure three stories tall and 17 feet wide. Their goal, other than awesomeness? That the sock will call attention to the many children who have to go without socks and underwear, two items that are rarely found new at donation centers.
For more about the giant sock, visit The Providence Journal.
Craft bits news item about antennas that can be sewn into clothing
Discovery Channel
Or Just Sew an Antenna?

If you're tired of your cell phone service dropping out mid-call, you might be able to solve it with a sewing needle. Some tech-minded people at Ohio State University are sewing antennas into garments with the goal of improving gadget performance. Would you ever make your garments "smarter"?
Read up on antennas that can be sewn into clothing at Discovery Channel.

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