Craft Tips — 7 New Crafty Uses for Everyday Items

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012

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Though the array of colorful organizers available at craft stores can be oddly tempting, there are probably at least three everyday items that can do the same job. Take the ordinary plastic containers from your standard takeout night, for instance. Once clean, they're the ideal solution for getting a handle on the odds and ends that accumulate on your craft table. And need we say ... they're pretty much free. In the spirit of creative thinking, we've rounded up 6 more everyday things that can be put to a much craftier use. Have more? Let us know in the comments!

craft tip, new use for aluminum foil to set creases
Aluminum Foil for Better Creases

Sometimes our go-to iron just can't set a sharp crease in thicker fabrics. In those cases, we bust out the aluminum foil. Simply place a sheet underneath the fabric, then iron as usual. The foil will reflect heat, effectively setting the crease. 
craft tips, turn a teapot into a yarn dispenser
Organize Yarn with a Teapot

When you're knitting, it can be annoying to deal with the odd tangle of yarn that can pop out of nowhere. (Where does it come from, anyway?) But you can knit without hassle if you use an old teapot as a yarn dispenser. Just pop a ball of yarn into the pot, then thread yarn through the spout. 
craft tips, apply glitter with a squeeze bottle
Apply Glitter with a Squeeze Bottle

Because sometimes, you want to add a little sparkle with extra precision. In those cases, the fine nozzle of a squeeze bottle will allow you to place glitter just where it's needed. 
craft tip, use a magnet to pick up pins
Pick Up Pins with a Magnet

It's happened to all of us: One wrong move and suddenly all our pearl-topped pins are all over the floor. To pick up every single one in one pass, reach for a magnet and wave it over the mess. Magic.
craft tips, use waxed paper to make thread easier to work with
Embroider Easily with Waxed Paper

With thicker fabrics, it can be difficult to pull embroidery floss through the dense fibers. But if you pass the floss through a piece of waxed paper beforehand, you'll notice a big difference. 
craft tip, use curtain rod to dispense ribbon
Create a Ribbon Organizer

Here's a craft tip that'll be appreciated the next time you have to wrap a gift: Just pop spools of ribbon onto a tension curtain rod (or a paper towel holder) for grab-and-snip ease. 

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