CraftFoxes User Profile: Stacie Grissom

Posted by on Apr 01, 2013

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This week’s featured CraftFoxes user is Stacie Grissom, also known as starsforstreetlights on the CraftFoxes site. Stacie also has a blog called Stars for Streetlights where she posts DIY fashion projects, crafts, photography and home decor. As her bio on the blog states, she traded Indiana for New York City and is a big proponent of creating and stitching together your own wardrobe. Keeping in that theme, Stacie has posted an impressive and really unique craft here on CraftFoxes — DIY Two-Tone Pants. It’s a pretty simple craft, just buy two identical pairs of pants in two different colors, then swap one leg from the first pair for one leg from the other pair. Try out different color combinations and just have fun with it! Don’t forget to check out Stacie’s blog, Stars for Streetlights

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