Crafts to Do with Kids — Mad Scientist Edition

Posted by on Jul 03, 2012

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When I was ten, I determined that I would hold a summer school for my younger sisters, so that none of us would lose our mental acuity in the languid vacation months. Science experiments, reading, math tests were all forming in my mind. After three days (hours) of preparing, I lost interest and went to the beach without ever having taught a lesson. But if I had had the resources of today (high-speed internet, Pinterest, thousands and thousands of mom and teacher bloggers), I might have stuck with it for a lot longer, because the experiments I found today are awesome! 

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Sharpie Tie-Dyed Shirt that teaches kids about color blending
Sharpie Tie-Dye 

This craft by Mom's Crafty Space can become a discussion of the blending of colors. While experimenting with mixing colors, kids can make a pretty snazzy shirt without the mess of traditional tie-dying. 
Rock Candy Science Experiment
Rock Candy

Watch crystals form in various colors over the course of a week with this tutorial from Brandy's Crafts, and eat the results while talking about saturation and condensation. More details about the exact science can be found at Wonder time
Homemade Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp

Make a lava lamp with household items, like this one from Bird and Little Bird, and watch the carbon dioxide bubbles from Alka-seltzer make colored vegetable oil whirl around like the classic seventies lamp. 
Homemade gak from borax and glue

Experiment with elasticity and suspension with this tutorial for "gak" from Artful Parent. Gak is slimy, gooey, icky and wonderful ... which can be used to describe kids after playtime on some days, right? 
Homemade Hovercraft
CD Hovercraft 

The Chocolate Muffin Tree provides a tutorial on how to make a hovercraft with a CD, balloon, a top from dish soap or a water bottle and a glue gun. Decorate CDs and watch them coast over a smooth surface. 

Check back next week to find a sewing project you can do with your kids! 

Image Credits (from the top): Mom's Crafty Space, Brandy's Crafts, Bird and Little Bird, Artful Parent, The Chocolate Muffin Tree

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