Crafts to Do with Kids — Sidewalk Chalk Edition

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012

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Sidewalk chalk is the perfect summer medium for budding young crafters: it gets them outside and stimulates their imagination. We've collected seven great ideas to get the creative juices flowing, and there are several more excellent activities to be found by following the links. 

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Two little boys have found their letters during the Alphabet Game.
The Alphabet Game
A "Simon Says"-type game, this activity from Kids on the Grand begins with writing out the alphabet over a large space in random order. Then a "caller" will choose a letter and the kids will race to find the letter. It is great exercise and a sneaky way to combine learning and an outdoor activity. 
Three little girls playing chalk twister in a driveway
Chalk Twister

This twisty idea from the Kids Activities Blog has us all tied up in knots! Draw a Twister board on a driveway or even a wide sidewalk and color the sides of a block of wood. Roll your new "dice" and see just how flexible kids can be. 
A young girl working her way through the exercise course.
Exercise Course

If exercise is your ultimate goal, has chalked up a few awesome ideas, including a chalk "exercise course." Lead kids from one end of the sidewalk to the other (or perhaps around the block, if they're extra rambunctious) with classic exercise obstacles, like twenty sit-ups and ten jumping jacks. 
A little boy examining his shadow.
Chalk Outlines

When the sun is shining brightly, a simple activity from Heaps of Laundry has kids trace each other's shadows. If there's only one kid around (and you're not fond of your own silhouette), have him or her trace his or her large toys: stuffed animals, dolls or action figures. 
Little boy running with his toy truck on his chalk road
Chalk Roads and Towns 

Create a metropolis for toy cars and trucks with you kids, creating a maze of roads and pit stops, like this set up by Mommie Daze. See if the kids can create a mini replica of their neighborhood. 
A boy playing with his homemade chalk paint.
Chalk Paint

After all of these chalk activities the chalk supply is bound to be dwindling, and those stubby chalk pieces can lead to scraped knuckles. Instead of sacrificing little fingers, make some chalk paint! Check out the recipe from Positively Splendid
A little girl creating fireworks with chalk paint
Chalk Fireworks

After whipping up a batch of chalk paint, check out Inner Child Fun to see how to make splatter fireworks. 

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