Crafty Baby Gifts You Can Sew or Crochet

Posted by on Sep 30, 2017

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the items found on a bloated wedding registry. Crafting a gift creates a useful and meaningful memento, and it can help save money, too. For a unique gift, think beyond the traditional booties and baby blankets to really make your mark. Here are four unique ideas to help get your crafty gears turning.

1. Cute and Colorful Burp Cloths

handmade burp
Caring for a new baby isn't glamorous. Most parents deal with more spit-up than they are expecting, so fashioning burp cloths in bold and bright patterns is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. LifeasaMama suggests using terrycloth or flannel to make them both super-soft on baby's face and ultra-absorbent. They do not require an incredible amount of know-how, but once you roll them up and tied them together with a pretty bow, you will be the envy of the baby shower for giving such a meaningful gift with so many uses.

2. Pretty Patterned Fabric Blocks

fabric blocks you can make
Kids go through a lot of toys, but give something different than rattles and teddy bears. Blocks are a great toy to help a child's development, and Buzzfeed included this unique gift in its roundup. It’s a great way to use scraps of fabric lying around your house. You could also save money by choosing fabrics from the remnant pile to give these foam blocks a little pizazz. Either way, they are sure to be a hit both with the parents and the little bundle of joy.

3. Bowtie Baby Bibs

handmade bibs
Whether from drool or food, babies have a knack for ruining their outfits, but with a good bib, their onesies can last more than a few hours. A fun and functional bib can be found at ThinkingCloset. where they have painted bowties and ties onto the bib to add some fun while a pocket to catch food can be flipped to the front. This is a great choice because it can serve as both a drool bib and be useful during meals, and any gift that can pull double duty is a winner. You could also find a thrift store bib and jazz it up with your own painted design to make it more from the heart.

4. Snuggly Bath Bunting

handmade baby bunting
Babies hate to be cold, so a soft and warm crocheted bath bunting towel can make getting out of the warm water less traumatic. There are free crochet patterns available online for a range of items that will keep baby feeling toasty and looking adorable. The towel’s two-tone pattern has a hood to help keep the bunting in place on even the squirmiest baby, and even though it is simple, it is also straight from the heart. Use these ideas to help inspire a baby gift that will wow your friends and won’t hurt your pocketbook.

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