Creative Ways with Craft Foil

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015

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Looking for something fun and unique to work with? Why not have your (creative) way with craft foil? Bendable and shapeable, craft foil can be tinted, textured or embossed for all of your crafting needs. Check out the Deco Foil over at Therm O Web. With craft foil, possibilities are endless and creativity never runs out.

Embossed Foil Reindeer
Emboss your own original designs into craft foil with this technique. Easy to follow and perfect for kids, this craft requires a modeling tool, cloth and steel wool among other craft supplies. Finish your design off by framing and displaying it for all to see. Viewers will be in awe of your creativity and originality.
Paper Foil Medallions
This paper medallion tutorial calls for metallic gift wrap which has the look of foil, but is easier to get crisp folds. Use gold and silver for a classic look, or use bright colors or patterns for a fun, everyday look. These medallions are so intricate and cool that your house guests and you will be staring at these stars instead of the ones in the night sky.
embossed Foil Wall Flowers
Brighten up your walls with embossed foil flower decor. Whenever you spot this fun wall, you'll have instant spring in your step. With foil, acrylic paint and different types of foam, you can take a plain wall from drab to fab. This is an inexpensive and artistic way to spice up your home and creativity.
Aluminum Foil Leaf
Who would have thought that some foil and a leaf could look so beautiful and artistic? This leaf imprint project is a great way to involve young and old and become inspired by the great outdoors. Fast, fun and easy, this craft has got this all going for it. Now, it's your turn to try it out and create a stunning leaf impression.
embossed Foil art panel
Lisa Fulmer
Craft foils are great for running through embossing folders in your die-cutting system. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to combine colors and create distressed textures for a wall art panel.

Foil Bezel Charm
Add some fun pizazz to a charm's bezel with craft foil. By crinkling foil and gluing onto a jewelry pendant's face, you can make store-bought charm look lovely and dazzling. Add a metal charm on top of the foil for a polished and cohesive metallic finish to any piece of jewelry.

embossed foil art
Even plain aluminum foil can be turned into colorful art with this embossing technique. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the process of creating patterns with yarn and glue on a wood or canvas panel, then pressing foil snugly over the top. Add color with Sharpie markers or alcohol inks and you have a striking work of art.

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