Need Inspiration? Try These Creativity Exercises for Crafters!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2015

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Feeling stuck on what to craft next or needing some crafty inspiration? Look no further than these creativity exercises to engage your inner muse. From creating original designs to re-inventing ideas, these exercises are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Now, let your imagination run wild and your mind explore!

Zentangle Coaster
DRAW A COASTER: Try your hand, drawing hand that is, at designing a coaster. By separating parts of a coaster with lines, each part can exist as its own pattern palate. Then, all the parts together make a beautiful zentangle coaster full of your own original designs. This exercise lets you play around with shape and pattern, opening you up to an array of craft designs and ideas.
VHS Tape Flowers
RE-DESIGN, UPCYCLE, REFASHION: Starting with recreating something old is a great way to get inspired. Many people have old VHS tapes lying around, so why not put them to good use? You could make flowers, bracelets, or bows. The possibilities are endless, and re-purposing an old item is innovative and good for the environment.
Salvaged Wood Inspiration Board
Design Sponge
INSPIRATION BOARD: Why not have your very own place to keep all of your ideas, instructions and inspiration? Make a cool inspiration board that can hold all of your craft desires and dreams in one convenient place. Not only can you have fun finding things to hang on your board, you can get inspired and creative with the way you hang everything. Have fun with the way you display it.
Quote-inspired Collage
Michelle Casey
QUOTATION COLLAGE: Many people feel inspired by famous quotations or ancient proverbs. Create a mixed-media quotation collages and creatively engage with them. First, find a quote that's important or inspirational. Next, figure out how to visualize the quote with images, drawings, colors, patterns and more. It's all up to your crafty self.
Painted Face Mask
PAINT A FACE: A way to get in touch with your emotions is by expressing yourself with color and texture. Craft using a face mask or face paint to express your sentiments. Play around with color and texture for future ideas, and let this mask be the face of your craft pursuits and inspiration.

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