Cute and Cozy Crochet Socks

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015

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As they say on that popular TV show, winter is coming! When the weather gets colder, I always want to get as cozy as possible. If you’re the same way, you might want to try out these crochet sock patterns. These are all free patterns that you can try out, and now would be a perfect time to get started on some cozy socks. By the time you’re finished, the weather will have cooled down, and you’ll have some socks all ready to wear!

Blue and gray chunky socks
Blue Tweed Socks

This crochet sock pattern has an easy-to-follow pattern that includes a two-toned design. Although this pattern shows blue and gray yarn being used, you can choose any colors you’d like -- perhaps Christmas colors! For more information about the pattern, visit Crochet World.

Knee-high gray socks
Knee-High Boot Socks

It’s a big fashion trend these days to wear knee-high boots with cozy socks that poke out of the top. If you’d like to make your own cozy, knee-high socks for this winter, try out this pattern. This pattern includes tips on how to make the socks fit you best. For more information, visit Ball Hank ‘n’ Skein.

Crocheted moccasins
The “Soccasins”

Moccasins are great indoor footwear for the winter, but they’re not always the warmest. If you want something a bit cozier, try out these “soccasins,” which are a play on the classic moccasins. Be aware that this is a more advanced pattern, so dive in only if you’re ready for a challenge. For more information, visit Megan Mills’ website.

Pink and orange crocheted socks
Red Heart
Cozy at Home

This crochet sock pattern makes me think of cozy evenings spent at home when the wind is rustling the trees outside. You’ll need some chunky yarn to make these socks as cozy as possible, and several different colors of yarn to achieve the pretty detailing on the heel and toe. For more information, visit Red Heart's website.

Ribbed, crocheted socks
Top Down Socks

These cozy socks have an interesting pattern of lines that go up and down the length of the sock. The extra ribbing also makes for even cozier socks than normal. This is a good pattern for those with an intermediate skill level, and they can be made fairly quickly. For more information, visit Cobbler’s Cabin.

Cozy, multi-colored crocheted socks
Julie Huston
Fireside Socks

This crochet sock pattern is perfect for staying in by the fire. They’re a good length to be worn under some cozy pants. The zigzag detail creates a nice design on the socks and offers a bit of a challenge for first-time crocheters. For more information, visit FaveCrafts.

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