Designing a DIY Pet Room for Your Dog or Cat

Posted by on Dec 29, 2021

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We’ve all stayed at a lot home the past couple of years. Whether you’re planning to return to the office and spend more time out of the house or continue hanging out with fido, it’s good to for your pet to have a comforting and enriching environment. Some decor tweaks will not only promote relaxation, but also stimulate his or her brain. 

For pets who get anxious when their owners leave, a cozy room, puzzle toys and scratching posts can all help make the transition to solitude a little easier. Even if your pet isn’t the anxious type, these pet room ideas will improve both of your lives.

Pet Bedroom Design Ideas

Smaller Can Be Better 

Often a small nook underneath the stairs or in a medium sized closet may be more comforting than a huge room. It should ideally be quiet, yet accessible so he or she can feel it's a personal space but also accessible to the family.

Decorate the Walls
There’s no need for a pet’s room to be bland. You can even make an accent wall with photos and paintings. Fun fact: Pet portraits are not a recent phenomenon. They have existed for centuries. The oldest known images of domesticated animals such as goats and horses date back to 3500 B.C. in Babylon (present day Iraq). Egyptians followed a few centuries later with images of domestic and wild cats. If you’re looking for a place to capture the beauty of your fur baby, you can try one of the custom pet portraits from Impersonate Me.

A Lounge Room
If you own several dogs and have the space, consider making a lounge with furniture that makes it possible for several animals to congregate in one area but also have a separate private space for each pet. Granted, this idea probably isn’t happening unless you have a huge house, but it’s nice to imagine.

The Right Upholstery
If you’re getting new furniture (or getting old furniture recovered), it makes sense to take your pets into account. This takes a little bit of effort since you need to obtain something that will complement the entire décor, yet that's useful as well. You know how cats are. Heavy duty fabrics such leather and pleather, canvas, microfiber, denim, and canvas can work well for pet owners since they aren’t easily scratched.

Maybe a Tent? 
If you’re looking for something that’s practical and very convenient for your dog, you should definitely consider for a tent. Yes, it may sound like a strange idea since that's something that's typically bought for campers or children, but who says dogs can't have one as well? A tent doesn’t require too much space, and your fur baby will adore it. You can add some cozy blankets and create a space to hide their toys. You know how they love to play detective.

Avoid Breakable Items
This may sound like obvious advice, but animals you don't want to create a space with cute trinkets that are easily swatted to the floor. You may love that porcelain dog or cat, but place it in a pet's area and one scratch or swat can easily send it tumbling. Place things in their room made out of wool or plush that are cute yet unbreakable.

DIY Dog and Cat Toys

Upcycled Pet Toys
Plenty of dog toys can be made from upcycled materials. In the above video, Jesscbee demonstrates how to turn an empty water bottle, a little kibble and a sock into a toy rattle. A pair of scissors can turn an old T-shirt into a tug toy. For a pull toy, cut holes into a worn tennis ball and thread the woven T-shirt material through it. On CraftFoxes, we have instructions to turn an old sock and catnip into a toy for your feline friends.

Amazing Cat Toys
NoLi’s video DIY cat toy compilation will make any pet parent envious. These aren’t as easily to put together as the upcycled dog toys, but are impressive enough to make you want to research them more. The cat-sized version of a hamster wheel is built out of wood, scratch pads and rubber wheels. A water pump can fishbowl are transformed into a fountain. Only the most devoted pet parent will attempt the Ferris wheel, but they will be rewarded with mystified felines.

Animal Luxury

Owners who want to give their pets the very best, can find inspiration in this episode of Cribs by the Dodo. Some pooches have their own bunk bed with a slide to help bring them back down to earth. Another canine family has its own two-level backyard getaway house that is on par with the best tiny house offerings on the market.

Does any pet need a custom made playhouse with sandpit and adjacent pool? Probably not, but few will turn it down, either.

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