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Posted by on Feb 23, 2012

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Coins are an abundant source of crafty inspiration, and whether you use vintage-mintage or the stuff from behind the couch, you can create a bevy of coin-inspired art, home decor and jewelry. Read on for our unique round-up of small-change crafties.

coin craft

With over 3,000 pennies, these unique coin mosaics offer clever tributes to Mount Rushmore, the Taj Mahal and other world wonders. To create your own cash collage, trace a simple image (like a child's silhouette) onto sturdy cardboard or even a flat end table, and then glue dimes inside the image and pennies for the background. 
For the very basics of mosaic building, check out this illustrated tutorial from Mosaic Art Supply! Or check out the original artwork from Coin Mosaics!
coin bookmark
One for the Books

A unique coin drop adds funk and fun to normally boring bookmarks. To make your own page holder, use a jewelry chain (perhaps one clipped from an unwanted necklace) and, with a jump ring, attach a drilled coin. When drilling coins, a touch of Droo or other machine oil will keep the bit cool, creating a cleaner "exit wound."
coin keychain
Ball and Chain

A chain mail key chain and angled coin create geek charm that any teenager would love — or perhaps, openly tolerate.
Learn how to weave your own chain mail jewelry from Instructables!
coin coaster
Coast to Coast

For quirky coffee table décor, try this plucky penny coaster, which uses just coins, plastic and glue. Prevent the destruction of delicate surfaces by lining your coaster with felt or other fabric. If you don't want a dirt-encrusted patina, remove gunk with an overnight vinegar bath.
coin button covers
Hot Button Issue

Enameling coins can add color and warmth to this harsh motel money. Use common coinage or consider splurging on special-edition tender like a Darth Vader coin or even a Chuck E. Cheese token.
Learn how to enamel coins and other metals with this free tutorial from Copperheart Designs.
coin charm bracelet
Works Like a Charm

Coins can become the tinkling trinkets of a unique charm bracelet with nothing more than a hand-drill and a chain. Use antique coins, or make an original road-trip souvenir by collecting coins from every state (or coin-try) you visit.
Learn how mmmcrafts used trial-and-error (and crying) to make her coin charm bracelet!
coin magnets
Magnetic Personality

Gluing magnets to the back of a coin is an easy craft — so easy, in fact, we've just given you the whole tutorial in less than a sentence! But simple doesn't necessarily mean unimpressive, especially when this upcycle craft becomes markers on a kiddie chore chart or decor in a teen's locker.
Get a free chore chart printable from Leah Remillet that works perfectly with those coin magnets!
coin cufflinks
The Weakest Link

As a groom's wedding favor or even as cute decor in a cardigan buttonhole, these coin cufflinks offer a playful spin on traditional sleeve studs. Consider smaller coins for conservative suits and larger ones for cheeky chic.
Get the free cufflinks tutorial from Beads, Baubles and Jewels!
coin wind chime
Chime In

Use coins to create a homemade wind chime. Simply drill holes into each coin (at the top or center, your choice). Then create several strands of coins by knotting them onto fishing wire. A CD or tree branch can become the base of your coin chime while small bells at the bottom will add delicate tinklings.
Head to Crafty Gal to learn the basics of making a homemade wind chime!
Coin a Phrase

Get inspired by this domed Lucky Penny Necklace and use coins as a platform for your favorite pun. Our favorite ideas? A dime stamped with “On a” or the British “Coining it.”
Learn how to stamp metal from Holly West!

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