DIY Crafts and Gifts for Chess Fans

Posted by on Jun 22, 2022

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Hardcore DIYers get obsessive. Great chess players can be fanatical. DIY and chess mixed together? That takes things to a whole new level.

The chess world — filled arcane rules and pools of endless focus — seems to exist apart from daily reality. If you’re lucky enough to have a chess player in your life, this is your chance to make or buy them the gift they will remember forever. Whether they're a tournament player you want to celebrate their love of a good skewer or someone who’s just a passionate duffer, here's a handful of gifts to consider.

3-D Chess Board

3-D chess board
Know someone who wants every game of chess to feel like they’re conquering the world? You could give them a 3-D chess board. It’s more or less the same game as 2-D chess, but every move seems a little more dramatic, heading down from the hills to lock horns on the battlefield. Etsy sellers offer a few different versions of a 3-D chess board, ranging in price from $250 to $850. All of them are more stylish than a standard chess board.

Think Hoodie

Think Hoodie Chess Sweatshirt
Perfect for the chess monk who likes to hunker down and study historic matches, the Think hoodie is a simple black pullover with a visual that displays your love of the game with clever logo. $31

Chess Clock

Chess clocks for sale
Chess clocks are a mandatory piece of equipment when it comes to professional chess playing. So, regardless of whether you are shopping for chess clocks for serious players or hobbyists, you should make a good pick. Since chess clocks are shopped for quality, it is not something you should be buying on a budget, but most certainly there are some less expensive options. There is a whole range of different clocks you can take into consideration (priced from $20 to $150), from the traditional analog ones to the digital options that guarantee 100% accuracy. In contrast to analog clocks, digital clocks are easy to set. On the other hand, analog chess clocks have a note of classiness and elegance. Whatever your choice is, it will most definitely make a perfect gift for a chess player.

Pop-Up Card

chess greeting card
If you want to make a big impression on a relatively small budget, the Chess pop-up card is a stylish greeting card. $11

Chocolate Chess Pieces

chocolate chess pieces
This yummy take on the grand master’s game may be hard to keep around. It’s $20 per set, but you have to order two sets to get both sides. Some recipients make a brownie game board to go underneath the pieces.

Origami Chess Set

origami chess set
This gift won’t cost much, except your time. Create an entire chess set and board out of paper. Few gifts show as much love as an origami chess set. You can find videos that demonstrate how to make the set on Youtube or buy a book that includes paper and instructions to make the project a bit easier.

Gambit Knits

queens gambit knit
Did you love the look of “The Queen’s Gambit” as much as the plot and characters? Outlaw Yarn put together a brilliant collection of knit patterns that approximate Beth’s Hamon’s handmade accessories. Ideas for a cloche, cardigan, turtleneck can all be found here. And the recipient doesn’t have to be a chess fan to love it.

Amigurumi Pieces

amigurumi chess pieces
Crochet fans should not be left out of the fun. The Flying Dutchman has patterns to crochet bishops, knights, rooks, kings, pawns, and queens — an entire set! Will it take a while Probably. Will it be impressive? definitely. Of course you don’t need to do an entire set. You could just crochet the queen, add a keyring and stop there.

Concrete Chess

concrete chess board
How often have you seen a chess set made out of concrete? This unique gift appears on Etsy at the relatively low price point of $80. Of course, shipping probably won’t be cheap and lugging the thing around may not be a whole lot of fun, but good conversation pieces all have their own costs. Some of them just aren’t on the price tag.

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