DIY Kitchen Makeovers, from Easy to Wow!

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

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Kitchen makeovers can easily cost five figures and take months to complete. Redoing one can be so daunting that people put off updating their cabinet décor and appliances for years, or even decades. Sometimes an owner takes so long to redo the look of the kitchen that hardware and cabinetry eventually become retro and cool again. If you’re hoping to update the style of the family hearth without taking out a homeowner’s loan, several simple and intermediate updates can be done to retool a kitchen’s appearance in a weekend.

replacing cabinet hardware
Replacing the Cabinet Hardware
If the drawer pulls and cabinet hinges are prominent design elements in your kitchen décor, replacing them can change the appearance more than you might expect. Of course you’ll need to take time to measure and shop for the best replacements. Don’t assume that all of the hardware is exactly the same size. Definitely measure several, if not all, of the cabinet hardware you’re going to replace. Hardware should be about one-third the size of the entire drawer. More adventurous DIYers may be willing to drill holes for hardware that’s a different size than the existing. Possibilities open up with this flexibility.
repainting kitchen cabinets
Repainting the Cabinetry
Adding a couple of coats of paint to old cabinets can do wonders for relatively little scratch. However, any home painting requires knowhow and patience. Repainting kitchen cabinets is much more complicated than rolling a new coat of white paint on four flat plasterboard walls. First, make sure that your cabinet surfaces can be painted. You may need to sand and or prime some materials to ensure the paint adheres. If you want the job to look professional, remove all of the cabinet doors and keep the appliances away from the paint-dipped rollers and brushes. Covering any tilework with dropcloths is a must. Painters who have the patience for this upgrade will be amazed at how much a little color can do. Of course, you should choose that new shade wisely. Anyone who remembers the avocado and tangerine kitchens of the 70s will want to make sure they pick a color that can stand up for years to come.
replacing cabinet doors
Replacing Cabinet Doors
Maybe you like the layout and color of your cabinets but realize they would be a lot more current with glass cutouts or more interesting details. Good cabinet door replacements can definitely make a kitchen look brand new. The trick is picking wisely and ordering so that every piece fits as it should. A little advice from a consultant might go a long way.
Replacing Kitchen Countertops
Any cook knows kitchen counter space can greatly affect food prep. Hunting for a place to chop or carefully balance a food processor can turn cooking into a juggling routine. The color and material of the counters also have a huge impact on the kitchen’s look. Marble or quartz is going to look a lot more impressive than plastic or laminate. Few do-it-yourselfers have installed their own counters. This is a job you may want to consider bringing in professionals to complete. That said, smart shopping can definitely ensure you have good buy and impressive finish.

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