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Posted by on Jun 28, 2014

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Makeup is expensive, and considering I love experimenting with tons of different colors and mixing up how I wear it all the time, it can really add up. Plus, store-bought synthetic makeup is sometimes harsh on my skin. Luckily, DIY makeup is becoming more and more popular. You can create your own foundation, eye makeup, lip balm and facials for half the cost. You can completely control the ingredients and go all natural. That way you'll know every ingredient that goes on your skin and you can customize your look just the way you like. 

Lemon Sugar Scrub

How you treat your face prior to putting on makeup is half the battle to achieving glowing skin. Why buy expensive toner or scrubs when you can use lemon and sugar to scrub your face into perfection? Kandee Johnson discusses how to clean your face naturally with common pantry ingredients in this tutorial video. 

Organic Foundation makeup
Gwendolyn Sweaney

Organic Foundation

Mineral makeup is all the rage, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Author Gwendolyn Sweaney of Natural Organic Beauty Recipes shares a economical recipe to make foundation, along with many other great tips. 

DIY Makeup Brushes

It's all about the brushes to create a flawless finish. Sara from Sara Beauty Corner shows you how to use human hair (yes, I said human hair) to make several inexpensive eye makeup brushes out of pencils and glue for about oh ... $3 for a pack of pencils and $2 for bottle of glue versus $5 to $40 to buy just one professional brush. 

DIY Mineral Makeup

DIY Mineral Makeup

Buy a kit from Brambleberry and mix your own eye makeup in various shades and you get to control the all natural ingredients that go into it. Let the Soap Queen show you how. 

You Tuber Some Randomness from Me creates eye makeup from food dyes and baby powder. What a great way to introduce cosmetics to younger girls!

Charcoal Eye Liner

Charcoal Eye Liner

Beauty by Britanie mixes activated charcoal and coconut oil to create an eye liner that is a fraction of the cost and lasts all day long. 

Recycled Lip Gloss

Recycled Lip Gloss

Hudan Kattan from Huda Beauty recycles crumbled blushes and eye shadows into lip gloss by adding Vaseline. 

Natural Eye Make-up Remover

This DIY is virtually free because who doesn't have a little olive oil in their kitchen cabinet? Tati uses it to clear away mascara and eye makeup at the end of the day. 

Honey Rose Facial
Kirsten Anderberg
Relax and detox with a homemade facial. Kirsten Anderberg, author of Homemade Cosmetics: Over 100 Recipes You Can Make at Home, mixes egg, honey and rosewater to make her personal favorite recipe, a honey rose facial

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