DIY or Buy - Easy Ways to Customize Your Walls with Canvases, Stencils and More

Posted by on Jul 01, 2024

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Maybe you just moved into a new place or you’re tired of your current decor. The great thing about DIY projects is that you fashion them to fit your style perfectly. Don’t like how it turned out? Just do it again. But not everyone has the time and focus to create decor projects. For those who want to customize, here are ideas for turning your walls into personal expressions – most of these can either be done with a little ingenuity or a small amount of cash. OK, some require a bit of both.

1. Wall Stenciling

You probably stenciled pictures in grade school. Stenciling on walls isn’t that much more complicated, although you may need to do a better job of staying within the lines. You’ll need stencils , wall paint, painter’s tape and a foam roller or paint brush. Most professional stencils (even nice ones) are fairly inexpensive. The big investment on a stenciling project is time. You’ll want to carefully map out the design and tape down the stencils to ensure little wiggle room. Can you hire someone to paint your walls with stencils? Sure, but that take a lot of the fun out of it.

For DIY instructions, check out the above video.

2. Gallery Wall with Frames and Canvases

There are numerous approaches to creating a gallery wall: Many times these are favorite family photos, but they can also be art prints or magazine clippings (as long as you can still find some magazines). If you have paintings, you can group all of the canvases together on one wall for a bigger impact. If you want a distinctive look for your photos, you can turn your photos into canvas prints (photos on canvas) with a company like

Be sure to balance the canvases, pictures and frames by size and shape to create an intriguing collage. Laying out the elements on the floor before hanging them will help you experiment with layouts before you commit to the final look. Here’s a video tutorial on creating a gallery wall that guides you through the process of spacing and hanging frames.

3. Fabric Wall Hangings

Do you have beautiful fabrics folded up and tucked away in a drawer? Hung fabrics can add texture and color to your walls. Cloth remnants, scarves, and quilts will appear more like art when they’re on the wall. Simply stretch the fabric over a wooden dowel or curtain rod and drape it from hooks or nails. While you probably don’t need to hire anyone to hang fabric, you may want to purchase yards of cloth with wall-worthy imagery. Check out the DIY fabric wall hanging tutorial above for inspiration.

4. Washi Tape Designs

Washi tape can be molded into flowers, decor journals and turn cans into pencil holders. It’s also easily removable, making it ideal for renters or homeowners who like to change their decor frequently. Transform those strips of washi tape into geometric shapes, stripes, or even intricate designs on your walls. Decorating with washi tape is a fun and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any room. Learn more about using washi tape for wall decor in the above tutorial video.

5. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a stylish way to display small decor items such as plants, candles, and figurines. With a good drill, level and screwdriver, you can install floating shelves in various sizes and heights to create visual interest. Here’s a detailed guide on installing floating shelves that includes tips on placement and securing the shelves properly.

DIY wall hanging ideas including stickers, canvasses and stencils
Pexels / Francesco Ungaro

6. Wall Decals

Like washi tape, wall decals are easy to apply and remove, making them perfect for temporary or even seasonal decor changes. They come in a wide range of designs, from quotes and phrases to nature scenes and abstract patterns. Apply wall decals to create a focal point or to complement existing decor elements. You probably don’t need to hire a professional to apply the decals, you do want to be able to adhere them without bubbling or cracking. Check out the above video on applying wall decals for tips on positioning and smoothing out air bubbles.

7. Chalkboard Wall

Transform a section of your wall into a chalkboard for a useful and playful addition to your space. Chalkboard paint creates a writable surface where you can jot down notes, create art, make a schedule or leave messages for family members. It's a great project for kitchens, home offices, and kids' rooms. 

Above is a tutorial on painting a chalkboard wall and preparing the surface for optimal use.

8. Macrame Wall Art

Macrame wall hangings add a bohemian touch to any room and can be customized to suit your decor. Create intricate patterns using various knots and incorporate beads or driftwood for added texture. Hang your macrame creation from a wooden dowel or branch to complete the look. 

Explore the above macrame wall hanging tutorial for inspiration and step-by-step instructions.

9. Paper Wall Art

Fashion custom artwork with paper cutouts or origami shapes. Choose colorful paper or patterned scrapbook paper to match your decor theme. Arrange the paper cutouts in a frame or directly on the wall using adhesive dots or double-sided tape. This paper wall art tutorial demonstrates different techniques for creating stunning paper-based wall decor. 

The key to a successful DIY decor project is in thorough preparation and attention to detail. Before you begin, gather all necessary materials and tools, and consider watching additional tutorials or seeking advice from home improvement experts if needed.

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