Easter Gifts Beyond Candy

Posted by on Apr 09, 2017

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As much as we all love the tradition of giving children Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs, that doesn't have to be the only tradition your family embraces to celebrate the holiday! Here are ideas for "thinking outside the basket" with fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter with your family.

Toy / Stuffed Animals

stuffed bunny toys for easter
Kids love receiving new cuddly stuffed animals, whether you craft your own or purchase handmade. If you’re not sure where to start, look for toys or stuffed animals that have an Easter theme—think along the lines of ducklings, bunnies, lambs, eggs and flowers. For those feeling crafty, these lamb finger puppets from Purl Soho are an adorable and easy felt project, perfect for the little ones’ baskets. If bunnies are more your style, these yarn pompom bunnies from ikatbag are a simple and sweet no-sew alternative.

Crafts and Activites

easter crafts for kids
Photo by Jennifer Lutz
Crafts can entertain kids for hours — even with something as simple as stickers or sidewalk chalk. If your child has really shown interest in something, use this time as a reason to really feed their passions. Easter-themed cookie cutters, a beginner’s sewing kit, art supplies or even gardening sets are all great ways to keep them active. For a less-specific basket, try using puzzles, bubbles, card games, temporary tattoos or any packaged craft kits that your kid may be excited by.


Easter book gifts
Books are a great addition to any basket. Consider using books that describe the story of Easter, or that feature Easter themes or animals. It's also a great time to buy your child the newest book in their favorite series—or simply just a book in their favorite genre. If you have younger children who cannot read, audiobooks or activity books are great alternatives. For an extra special audiobook, record yourself reading one of their favorite stories, so they can listen to you whenever they’d like!

Clothing and Accessories

Bunny ear headbands
Clothing may not always be a popular gift with the younger set, still, there are great options they will love. Any traditional Easter-themed shirts or pajamas will get them in the holiday mood, but you could also branch out to accessories. Your little ones might love cute barrettes or hair ties, hats or even bunny slippers. For more Easter fun, roll up colorful socks inside of plastic eggs. If you're feeling crafty, these DIY bunny ear headbands from NoBiggie are an adorable addition to any basket.

Healthy Snacks

Christmas tree market clob
"Candy free" doesn’t have to mean that your child’s basket has to be treat free! For kids that love to pretend, add some "bunny food” to their basket—think baby carrots, sunflower seeds and sliced fruit. For those who crave something sweeter, try making sugar-free, homemade fruit snacks like the ones by Desserts with Benefits. Alternatively, try finding Easter-themed snacks in your local grocery store — Annie’s Homegrown makes a variety of healthy bunny-shaped snacks that are widely available. If you’re OK with a little sugar, there is always the option of cookies, cupcakes or maybe just a few small pieces of candy! With these basket ideas, your kids are sure to have a great (and sugar-free) Easter celebration. 

What special gifts do you put in your children’s Easter baskets? Tell us in the comments below!

Jennifer Lutz writes about all things home-related for the Christmas Tree Market blog.

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