Easy and Clean Crafts for When the Kids are Bored

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015

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Attention parents, we have good news: not all arts and crafts projects leave the kitchen a total mess. In fact, these easy and clean crafts are perfect for keeping children engaged and creative on a rainy day, on a day with the babysitter, or anytime they're antsy and bored. 

With projects like homemade Floam and DIY bubble wands, these fun, simple kids' crafts are sure to keep the kids entertained — all with minimal cleanup.

Homemade Floam, DIY Floam, DIY Kids Crafts
DIY Floam
Add some styrofoam pellets to other similar slime mixtures and — drumroll, please — you get DIY Floam! Squeeze it, roll it, shape it — any way your kids play with Floam, it'll be hours of fun.

DIY Bubble Shooter, DIY Bubble Wand, Kids Crafts, Blow Colored Bubbles
Straw Bubble Shooters
An alternative to messy roped bubble wands, these cheap and simple bubble shooters are perfect for kids' playtime. For added fun, use a colored bubble mix to blow colored bubbles!

Homemade Water Balloons, Sponge Water Bombs, Fun Kids Crafts
Sponge Water Bombs
These are a classic summertime craft project. Homemade sponge water bombs are not only tons of fun to throw around, but they eliminate the plastic waste that water balloons create — and picking up the scraps of broken balloons in the yard is no one's favorite activity.

DIY Paper Whirligigs

Whirligigs, like pinwheels, are paper toys that spin around. Not only are they simple to construct and cheap to make, but with the free printable template, there's virtually no cleanup.

Homemade Gak, homemade slime, DIY Kids Projects
Homemade Gak
A bit more oozy than silly putty, this homemade Gak cleans up easy and keeps for weeks in the freezer. Best of all, the ingredients are inexpensive and it takes 5 minutes to make. How's that for easy?

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