Easy Framed Decor Projects You Can Make in an Afternoon

Posted by on Feb 28, 2022

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If you have bare walls and a handful of dollars, there’s plenty of framed wall art you can make. Some of these stylish ideas are helped along with a Cricut or similar paper cutting machine; others use a little paint. With smart choices and careful planning, you can make designer quality pieces for under $10. A lot of these creators featured here start with a dollar store frame. Of course, not every bargain bin will have a frame you like, so you may also want to look through thrift stores or take a trip to IKEA. 

If you become proficient at making low-cost wall decor, you may even be able to turn it into a business — many crafters do. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s learn how to make some easy and beautiful framed wall art.

Modern Farmhouse 

While this project creates a farmhouse or boho style, the project utilizes paper-cutting technology (or to be specific, vinyl cutting technology). 

Open up the picture frame and trace the size of the glass onto butcher paper so you have a piece of paper that matches the size of the frame. The next step depends on the type of paper cutting machine you have. YouTube creator Craft. Eat. Repeat. (who hosts the above video), opts for Cricut technology. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting a paper cutter, but don’t have one, you may want to peruse some of the offerings at a store such as Craft Direct. For the next step of the project, you need to find a pattern, image or die you like, many machine cutting companies like Cricut has a library of images, some of which are free and some paid. 

To create the image to be framed, you can duplicate and repeat one image (as Craft. Eat. Repeat. does) or combine several. Once you’re happy with the image, Cricut’s design program cuts it out of vinyl (yes, you’ll also need some vinyl to complete the project). Before you print anything, you’ll want to figure out the colors you want in your final project, either to complement the room or work properly within the framed project. 

The vinyl that the machine “prints” often has parts that still need to be picked out carefully with a pointed tool. Once that’s finished, you’ll need to adhere transfer tape to the back of the vinyl. This may require a little patience, but it’s a very important step, so take it slow at first. Then you repeat with as many images you have. Place the butcher paper into the frame and close it up.

Word Art 

This project also utilizes a Cricut machine and the company’s software Design Space. Instead of focusing on images and patterns, DIY Home & Crafts types fun phrases like “Let’s Be Homebodies” into the machine in a font she likes and frames the output. For the frame, DIY Home & Crafts uses a canvas normally used for painting. 

First, the host removes the material from the frame and stains the wood, making it both rustic and stylish. The host paints the canvas in a shade of gray that will help make the vinyl letters pop. She then cuts down canvas to the same size as the wood frame.

Framed Flower Art
Lacie from Framed Florals turned her passion for pressing flowers into a business. She takes bouquets and arrangements leftover from special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, or just petals she likes, and then places them in a float frame to create a distinct piece of commemorative art. 

Some flowers with a high water content, such as chrysanthemums, may take a long time press and wind up molding, so pick your combination carefully. Another tip: The leaves of some some varietals, like wax flowers, may fall off. So, you may want to ask a florist for suggestions or do a little research before pressing your arrangement. In the video, Lacie recommends flowers with low water content such as astrantia, caspia and yarrow. She also has tips for pressing bulky flowers. 

To press the flowers, you can use white construction paper or craft paper.

There you have it, easy framed decor projects that can be completed in an afternoon. From vinyl leaves to pressed flowers and even word art, designs that can be customized for almost every style.

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