Incredibly Easy Leather Crafts for You and Your Home

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015

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Leather isn't just for belts or mini skirts anymore. Repurpose and rework leather via these crafty ideas. To get your creative juices flowing, take a craft class over at Creativebug, an online destination for craft and art instruction. Get your head in the leather game with Creativebug's leather-jewelry craft classes. Feeling inspired yet? Well, try out these unique leather crafts and envision the possibilities.

Faux Leather Triangle Coasters
For a subtle touch of leathery luxury, add these faux-leather triangle coasters to each table. Super chic and modern, these coasters are easy to make and have a stylish practicality to them. Remember to use faux leather, as liquid condensation will stain and ruin real leather.

Gold Studded Leather Collar Necklace
Update a basic shirt with this studded leather collar necklace. Channel your inner vintage vibe with this super pretty and feminine Peter Pan–collar necklace. Made from leather and paper fasteners, this is not only easy but stylish as well. This collar necklace is so beautiful and unique that it can only be made by the magic of your own hands.

Leather Strap Shelves
Add a cool, rustic vibe to your living space with these leather-strap shelves. Display your collection of eclectic thingamabobs or books by screwing leather straps into your walls and setting wood in the leather's loop. This DIY decor is simple but packs a major crafty punch.

Leather Cord Bracelets with Tube Beads
Achieve ease and style with these tube-bead, leather-cord bracelets. The only supplies needed are leather cords and tube beads. It's that simple. Now, revamp any outfit with the simplicity and loveliness that these bracelets exude.

Gold Leather Leaf Keyring
Channel earthiness into an everyday necessity and accessory: your keyring. Keyring accessories are sold widespread, as they can add a touch of personality to your keys. A little accent, like this leather leaf keyring, brings a little pizazz to an otherwise boring and impersonal keyring. To attain this leafy accent, you need only cut and score leather. It's essentially that simple.

Leather Dream Catcher
Show off your inner spiritual wanderer with a gorgeous handmade leather dream catcher. Play around with an eclectic mix of leather cords and feathers to find your creative center. Hang your flowing dream catcher above your daydreaming spot to allow your mind to flow freely and widely.

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