Quick and Dynamic DIY Wall Treatments

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015

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While you're reading this, your computer screen may be framed by the eyesore that is a boring bare wall. Breathe some life into your walls with these quick painting techniques and wall coverings that take your walls from drab to fab. From color-blocking to life-like murals, these ideas are thoroughly explained and beautifully rendered. Some of them are even safe for renters or those who don't want a permanent wall makeover. Take over that wall that's blocking your creativity, inspiration and happiness, and revamp it according to your greatest desires and wildest dreams.

Printed Panel Wall Mural
Double-sided tape is a home and office staple, but did you know you could transform a wall with possibly just a couple of rolls of it? Inexpensive and safe for rental homes, add your touch to your walls by creating a printed-panel mural. Find printed panels in your favorite designs or colors and perfect a unique masterpiece all your own on your wall. The trick to mixing patterns and images is sticking to the same color family in each panel. This is fun, no-brainer wall decor.

Circle Wall Pattern
To add a cute but practical touch to a wall, create circles in a neutral or contrasting color to highlight your home decor and style. This technique is simple and super DIY, as the circle stencils are created using pizza boxes. This wall makeover is the perfect, at-home weekend project. Now, grab a pizza and get painting.

Mondrian Wall Mural
Textured surface tape can actually do wonders for your home. Make your walls look ultra modern by using this Mondrian-wall technique. By taping off rectangular shapes with black tape, you can create a really cool, eye-catching accent wall in stylish primary colors. There are so many design possibilities with this technique.

Birds on Telephone Pole Wall Mural
Murals add a personal touch to a wall and are art that can be enjoyed everyday. With this projection-mural technique, it is easy and fun to transform your walls into a "trick of the eye," life-like silhouette. Your house guests will be doing double takes once they catch glimpse of your dazzling wall murals, leaving them inspired and astonished.

Washi Tape Dot Wall
For a subtle but adorable effect, make Washi-tape dots for your walls. Safe for rentals and easy to remove, this technique proves worthwhile. Just grab tape in your favorite colors or patterns and get crafty. Whether you're working or relaxing, you'll love seeing dots every day.
Geometric Faceted Wall Close-up
Channel a trendy, colorful vibe in a room with this geometric painting technique. Using tape to create a blocking effect, paint each triangular shape a different color and vary the number of colors you use in all to mimic other tones in the room or to add visual interest. This psychedelic wall will keep you stimulated and enthusiastic.


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