Free Embroidery Patterns for National Sewing Month

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014

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How are you celebrating National Sewing Month? If you're wondering, here at CraftFoxes, we are celebrating by linking you to some basic, quirky and gorgeous embroidery patterns (the best part is that they're free). Just promise us one thing: that you'll get clicking and stitching. Ready. Set. Sew.

Amazing embroidery patterns on sale at Embroidery Online.

Owl Pattern
Elsa Mora
Perfect for Halloween or any occasion really, owls are popping up everywhere, in department stores and in forest trees. Hoot are you without this cute owl pattern in your life?

Water Lily Pattern
Appealing to young and old, this vintage pattern featuring lily pads and dragonflies encompasses the feeling of summers by the pond. Return to June by hand-stitching the pattern onto a throw or tee.

Peacock Feather Pattern
From J.F. Ingalls's 1886 embroidery pattern catalogue, this beautiful peacock feather pattern was redrawn for anyone interested in needlework and embroidery. Take it from the page to the pedal, and flock colors together with these bird feathers.

Wawak Sewing


Bird Pattern
Go soaring high with this lovely bird pattern. Channel your inner sparrow onto a pillow or sweater.

Octopus Tentacles Pattern
Get tangled in these intricate octopus tentacles, and take on this challenging pattern. The detail is stunning and can bring new life and edge to anything.

Flower Pattern
Perfect around a neckline or hem, this gorgeous floral pattern will blossom wonderment in anyone with whom it comes in contact. The pattern is shown in four variations, so get crafty and courageous with its possibilities.

Wawak Sewing


Fill-in Pattern (free embroidery pattern)
For a great quilt pattern, try this fill pattern with two slight variations. Depending on your color choices, you could make a holiday-worthy blanket.

Great embroidery patterns on sale at Embroidery Online.
Snowflake Pattern
Keep your hands warm this winter with back-and chain-stitching embroidery. Transform handmade ornaments or gifts with these elegant snowflakes.

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